I'm so addicted to this show. Though I could deal with less bunnies. Because, really, there are real life things and original writing that need doing. Yet the bunnies beckon so nicely.

The fandom meetup this weekend was so amazing! I had loads of fun. It was so great to interact with fandom people in person, share ideas, get fic inspiration, squee over the shows. And now, thanks to them, I've moved on from only watching White Collar to reading fic. Incidentally, I've noticed that said fic involves three things that I often find it hard to get into in fandom. In order of increasing rarity, it's threesomes, het pairings, and canon pairings. Neal/Elizabeth/Peter, of course, involves all three. It had to happen eventually, I suppose. I love fandom.

I could deal with it being less cold outside, though. That I'm not loving so much.

ETA: What is up with my ankle? Ir was fine, then I went out into the cold to buy food, and now it hurts. Stupid cold. This is the ankle I sprained last year. That might have something to do with it.
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It was such a pleasure to meet you - I am delighted that you were able to join us.

If you're looking for any particular type od WC story, please let me know - I can probably point you to what you want.
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Probably the best one of this genre (and it's so good, there's almost no reason to read any others) is Jeffrey Nuiller's "Man with Fedora" by Sam Storyteller.

Still have to watch the new Grimm ep. Was it good?


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