I'll update this list every time I post a new fic.



Surrender Universe


NC-17; Just when Nick's life is changing, Monroe is attacked by a Grimm, making them closer while forcing them to deal with Monroe's past.

Who Cares About Beauty Standards, Anyway?

PG-13; Monroe wants to know if Nick is being sincere about something.


Why Sanity Isn't Overrated

R; While on a case, Nick accidentally inhales a Wesen drug, leaving Monroe to deal with the wacky consequences and some rather unexpected advances.

Finding Home

This is the fic I began with Can't Go Home, now finally finished. Post "Last Grimm Standing". Nick had never realized he felt this way about Monroe until he saw him lying in Taymor's pit.

Enchanting Hands

PG-13; re-slash set during Tarantella. Nick's POV in the kitchen while Monroe is making those sausages.

When a Joyful Dream Goes Horribly Awry

NC-17; [personal profile] rabidchild67 prompted me: Monroe tries to give Nick his first rimming, but Nick is very ticklish.

Can't Go Home

PG-13; background Nick/Juliette (not open relationship); Post "Last Grimm Standing". Nick had never realized he felt this way about Monroe until he saw him lying in Taymor's pit.

Fun Aphrodisiac

R; Obligatory blow job fic after that lovely "your testicles are an aphrodisiac" scene in "Organ Grinder".

The One Where Nick Needs to Stop Worrying and Pleasure His Boyfriend

NC-17; Dialogue fic. Monroe coaches Nick through their first time.

All He Cares About

NC-17; Set right after "Of Mouse and Man". Nick comforts Monroe after the attack.


NC-17; Monroe shows his enthusiastic appreciation for Nick's new tattoo. In other words, pure porn.

The Perils of Smuggling Peas

PG-13; “I can’t believe you got stopped at customs for having peas in your suitcase.”

With This Bagel I Thee Wed

PG; Monroe pops the question.

Honesty Is the Best Policy (Sometimes)

PG; Someone slips Nick a truth serum and Monroe has to suffer through the consequences.

It Never Hurts More Than When You Hurt Yourself

PG-13; Slightly AU during 'The Three Bad Wolves". Monroe's and Nick's relationship is fractured after Hap's death.


Just a Little Crush

R; one-sided Roddy/Monroe, bit of Nick/Monroe; After needing Monroe's help, Roddy develops inconvenient feelings for him.


NC-17; It wasn't the proper thing for a Reinigen to fantasize about a Blutbad.

Pseudo-Grimm/White Collar crossover

The Fox Is Out of the Bag
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