This is the first time I'm not excited over an episode of Grimm. I mean, I'm sure I'll like it. Every episode where Monroe actively helps out on a case I love, but... It's just...

Did they have to do the princess is kept prisoner by a dragon one? I know. I know. It's one of the most famous fairy tale scenarios. I just can't stand it. Since I was little, I've found it lame. Why can't the princess save her own self? Why must they always be weaklings that need to be saved by the guy? And why must the dragon always be evil? Dragons are cool.

Those are my little girl thoughts, by the way. Later on, I learned about the inequality between men and women throughout the ages, about the societies that created the fairy tales, why they're structured like that and why dragons are evil, and I can deal with most of them now (from a research standpoint; I've realized the best way for me to handle things is to get into research mode), but the specific "girl locked in a tower with dragon" scenario still makes me squirmy. I really wish Grimm would have skipped that one. The only thing that comforted me while watching the preview for tonight's episode was that at least they already showed Juliette saving Nick to even out the "Nick! Help me!" thing. Though I can't see myself caring about her plight. I'm still trying to give her a chance, but her flaws are pretty big ones in my personal book.


Alright. I shall reserve judgement until I watch the episode, even if the little girl inside me has her frowny face on.

And while I'm at it, why is this episode called "Plumed Serpent" when Quetzalcoatl is not a dragon or European or has anything to do with this? Not that I'm surprised, since people love throwing his name around, but the Mexican/Aztec religion researcher in me had to protest.

The depression that's been eating at me since yesterday is probably making this feel worse than it really is, but oh well.

Now on to writing. Uplifting, therapeutic writing, because I sorely need it. Which includes finally continuing my Jon/Tyrion fic!
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