Because, I'm going up to Chicago, I don't care what the weather does. Although it's supposed to be much lighter snow than today, so it should be okay. Besides, people here go out no matter how much snow is blowing around. At least I'll be taking the train, not driving. I'm going to my first fandom meetup. *bounces with excitement*

It has been nasty today, though. The snow plows have been making their rounds all day. Still, it could be worse. The weatherman mentioned that if this were the third snowstorm of the season instead of the first, we wouldn't be making a big deal out of it, and it's true. I've driven in stuff like this when I didn't have to. It's a little nutty when I think about it.

Meanwhile, I'm flailing everywhere because there's finally a new Grimm episode tomorrow. And I saw a promo pic for Of Mouse and Man that is driving me even crazier. Darn you, show! You're too addictive.


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