I got this from [livejournal.com profile] ecclescult:

All four give performances that will likely be in the running for an Oscar and Golden Globe; particularly Christopher Eccleston. His character of Fred Noonan was the one with the most depth and arch. Eccleston's performance gives you the sense of truly being there in the plane with Earhart, and makes you feel the same chills that Noonan and Earhart must have felt upon realizing their impending doom.

It would be so amazing if CE got a nomination. the dear guy deserves it.

I am so distracted in my writing. Fuera de Carta aka Chef's Special got here yesterday and I keep replaying scenes in my head. I watched it all in one sitting yesterday and I already want to see it again. I just sneaked in fifteen minutes right now, which included this lovely guy )

Which is very helpful right now, because an oil refiniery in PR blew up. LOOK AT THIS! God damn! This is insane! No one was injured in the explosion, apparently, but there are people hospitalized for smoke inhalation. I am so glad I'm not there breathing this. You can see the smoke on radar. I've never seen anything like this.
My cousin just called CE my boyfriend. That cracked me up. I've got three big photographs of him that I bought at London Comic Con hanging around my room, so that's the reason for the comment. That and I keep forgetting that Doctor Who is on every Sunday in some channel.
I can't stop laughing. You know that kinda desperate laugh that you can't tell at first if the person is laughing or crying and then a huge guffaw rings out? That's what I've got right now. It won't stop! I think I just feel so overwhelmed. I can almost see the finish line. The only thing missing from the first draft is the concussion (I swear I wrote that down without meaning to, but it seems to fit) conclusion. I'm 300 words into that (handwritten). I already sent the rest to my dad for proofreading. The finish line is right there. I can feel it in my bones, literally. They all hurt. A lot. I can't sit down for more than an hour anymore. My right arm keeps screaming at me, I've got carpal tunnel like whoa, my knees and ankles hate me, and my right shoulder blade feels like burning. Classic symptoms of essay writing. I'm betting that at least half of my course mates are feeling the same way right now.

La la la! I so totally need a vacation.

This thesis keeps making me think of FMA. I've come this close from writing "equivalent exchange" I don't know how many times now.

And of course, to aid my concentration problems in this time of trial,this is the sight I'm subjected to every time I turn to my right: )

ETA: I just realized I used a nearly identical subject line three days ago. Thesis writing is not healthy, I tell ya.
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( Aug. 7th, 2009 09:54 pm)
If I ever express the determination to get a PhD, punch me. God, writing a thesis sucks. Would someone please explain to me what the hell is the sodding point of changing a period in the bibliography into a coma in the footnote? Why is this asinine punctuation so important? It's not like it's grammatically relevant. It doesn't give the reader any more or less information about the source. It's one of the most pointless things I've ever seen in my life and yet you get marks off if you get it wrong. *crawls into a hole and cries* I hate this thing. It's a good thing I actually care about the subject.

I really hope no one gets me clothes for my birthday. No one in my family seems to have any sense about the clothes I like. And yet despite pointing out every time they see me that I've lost weight even when I've gained weight (I don't know), somehow what they get me is always two sizes too big. Yet I can't seem to find the polite way of telling them not to buy me clothes. Please. Do not buy me clothes. On a good full day of shopping, I might get two shirts. That's how picky I am (of course, I often find more shirts I like than just two, but they're a bit out of my price range; another reason why I need to be mom and make my own clothes already).

I want to make icons. Unfortunately, I can't justify the time. Damn.

I hear over in [livejournal.com profile] ecclescult that CE shows up in a scene with a waistcoat (ETA: in GI Joe; me brain dead). I think I melted in my chair a bit.

I bought a biography of the fourth Duke of Norfolk, i. e. the guy CE played in Elizabeth. It wasn't that expensive. Just 9 pounds. That’s a pretty fantastic deal for an out of print history book, the average price of which seems to be $30 if you don't care for it that much or $50 and above if you do. Not that I have a very high opinion of this guy since you really can't get any stupider than conspiring behind the Queen's back, getting caught, not getting executed only because for some reason the Queen didn't want to kill you, then going right back into the conspiracy when it was so obvious that you were going to get caught again and this time no excuse was going to keep the axe from your neck. *shakes head* Complete idiocy.

I'm going to go watch something simple now because my brain is mush. And I only wrote 550 words. Which is cool. I'm on schedule. But my brain shouldn't hurt this much.
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( Aug. 4th, 2009 08:54 am)
As if I weren't distracted enough as it is, now my wallpaper is distracting me. Namely, this picture )
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( Aug. 3rd, 2009 04:25 pm)
When did it become August? Seriously. It's way too early for it to be August. This is what happens when you spend an entire month not keeping time except for every rare occasions. It's July for me, man. My birthday can't be in two weeks. And GI Joe comes out this weekend? I was thinking I had another month to avoid admitting to the cashier at the theatre that I'm willing to pay actual money to see this (which I'm actually not, but there's this lovely CE picture next to me that keeps reminding me of the good things). Maybe I can manage to see it with my cousins so I can at least pretend that I'm being dragged to see it rather than going out of my own free will. I really cannot picture myself saying "one for GI Joe". I mean... it's GI Joe. I hate GI Joe. I always have. Every time an advert came on the TV when I was little I rolled my eyes. When I heard there was a movie coming out about it, I scoffed and said, "hell no I'm not watching that dreck." Then what happens? CE is in it. *head desk so hard* Then again, he's also (along with Ian McShane, who I really like) in Dark is Rising or something like that and I'm not watching that. Why did it have to be GI Joe? I wouldn't feel bad about watching Transformers 2. I'm neutral on that. And why does this seem like such a huge problem when I have a dissertation to write? I need to get some perspective. Although in my defense, this is $5 to $8 of my money that's on the line. I could buy a book with that. Or a hat. Or... I don't know. Shampoo. I just don't want to give the studios money for another lame movie.

*grumpy face*

Never mind. I'm off to make Norfolk screencaps. Well, I'm off to finish the sources section of my thesis and then I'm doing Norfolk screencaps. Okay, I should post some pictures of Scotland before that, but Norfolk screencaps will happen at some point. Probably next month. Which for me will be August.
Absolutely fantastic. *dreamy eyes* The rest of the actors were good, too, but my attention did focus pretty exclusively in his direction when he was on. The role was great for him, too, perfect for him to showcase his amazing grasp of emotion. On a shallow note, I might have gotten a tad too excited when he showed up all disheveled with the top of his shirt open and my mind did a little gasp followed by the word "skin!" It wasn't that much, anyway, but I love seeing men all messy.

I also saw Tom Hollander coming out of the theatre. I don't think anyone else recognized him since no one stopped him. He passed by right next to me. It was definitely him. He's only a few inches taller than me. And yet even though he's one my favourite actors, I didn't start squeeing all over the place asking for an autograph. Though I also I got a little stuck on the double take and didn't come out of it until after he walked away, so too late, I didn't want to bug him, anyway.

Thankfully, my stomach did not act up much during the play, except when I drank some water, because I was awfully thirsty. I’m taking a new antacid now. It seems to be working. I just ate a full meal and I'm still hungry.

New drawing! I did this while waiting in the ER for the second time. Guess who this is )

ETA: Further proof that I'm weird: To "cheer myself up" while I was agonizing in bed, my mind fed me one of the saddest Plaude bunnies in the universe. The hell? Stuff that makes me cry does not help, brain. What's the matter with you?
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( Jun. 20th, 2009 12:54 pm)
Despite Stuff That Must Be Done TM, I've spent the last ten minutes perusing through Despair.com's archives. For those of you who have never gone there, you should. It's absolutely hilarious. Just hilarious. You know those motivational posters offices like to put on their walls? Well, these guys make the opposite: Demotivators. And they're horrible. But they're so true. And I can't stop looking at them.

A couple of examples )

And just because this is on my Photobucket account and I feel like it, here's some gratuitous CE )
FYI:Don't take someone's word for it when they tell you something you really want to see is sold out. Check it out yourself. Because supposedly CE's new play A Doll's House was sold out since March, except that, wait a second, they still have tickets. Of which I just bought one, hence I am laughing like a madwoman right now. The stupid website took forever to take my order. I had to reenter the card info four times, but finally it went through. If I hadn't seen that post in [livejournal.com profile] ecclescult today I wouldn't have known this play existed (well, the performance; I've read the play). Heeeeee heeee heee!

I just can't stop laughing. I love London so much.
I just saw it on my flist. I have to keep better track of these things. Anyway, happy birthday Chris, wherever you are! Now I feel obligated to watch a CE movie/show. I have to.

ETA: I just noticed that the Heroes people kept CE's birth year and month for Claude's birthday, but changed the day by two weeks. Huh.
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( Jan. 2nd, 2009 02:20 am)
Usually New Year's here is 'eh', but at the party we went to there was a couple and their daughter from Chicago, which gave me a nice prompt into a conversation, which I always seem to desperately need. The daughter, who is around my age, majored in anthropology, the mom is a professional artist and makes paintings, sculptures, etc. She showed us some examples on her iPhone and it all looked so amazing. And guess what? The dad looked just like John McCain. A bit slimmer in the face, but seriously. He could be a lookalike. I got a definite liberal vibe from them, so I'm sure they're not McCain supporters, but they still get a kick out of it. And his first name, by the way: John. Seriously.

I finished the essay today. Finally. It's 200 words overboard. Of course.

I'm debating whether to buy Perfect Parents or not. Dad gave me $60 to spend in DVDs to make up for those ill fitting shirts I got for Christmas, but I did just spend $130 on Doctor Who and Deadwood (and potentially more if I ask Dad to forward Deadwood to me in London. But I've been wanting to get this one for a while because despite every review of the movie I've seen (all bad), I like it. A lot. I would also kinda like Let Him Have It, but I'm not sure I could bear seeing the ending again.
Okay, not really (I wish. So much. Though that whole Third Testament thing would be troublesome). I got the The Second Coming DVD today! But I can't touch it until I finish this essays. Only 400 words left, though. I would, should, have finished days ago, but those damn House marathons kept distracting me.

I'm almost done with my fic for the Plaude Rewatch . I wanted to finish it today, but apparently my neighbor decided that he's a rock star or something, except that he's not playing rock, unfortunately enough, but something unhearable that is actually making me dizzy. You'd think that he'd at least bother to play something tropical. Considering that it's New Year's Eve and all and no one plays anything non-Caribbean for the holidays around here. Even the incidence of Reggeaton dimiinishes at parties. It just isn't Christmasy. They've been at this since 11:30. I was gone for three hours, but it's now 7:57. My ears are going to start bleeding any minute now. I'm playing the King Arthur soundtrack to try to drown them out, but it's not working right.

ETA: Oops, I forgot (why do I always do that?). Happy New Year!
It's like I never left. I even ran into someone I know at the library. Although I only worked at the Latin American collection (where I went today), so it wasn't as nostalgic as it could have been (although I did remember why I don't like that uni when two librarians started talking to each other in the back room as if they weren't perfectly aware that their voices resounded throughout the reading room. How messed up is it that I was seriously considering to tell the librarians to shut up? Isn't it supposed to be the other way around?

I've been working on the first of two essays due on the twelfth. I plan to hopefully have it done in a week cause otherwise I'm screwed, but with Chirstmas in the middle, who knows? I still have two fat books and two articles to go through. It'll be fine. Oh God, that's my crushes line.

My cough is finally under control (yes, I'm sick again). I went to the doctor yesterday, which cost me $30 since I no longer have insurance here (I should have gone in London), plus $86 in meds (I really should have gone in London).

And of course, since I am now living in the UK and am a huge CE fan, he must be reading ghost stories over the radio when I'm NOT there. Why, CE, why? *cries*


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