Doctor Who : Heeheeheeheeheeheeheehee!!!!!! )

Game of Thrones: It's finally getting good! Before it was only interesting as the need to establish all the characters and places made the pace really slow, but now it's really picking up. Yay!

True Blood: *sign* Last season was awful. This one is probably going to be awful, too, yet I still got it noted in my calendar. It's the Alex Skarsgard eyecandy. Such gorgeous eyecandy.
Now I understand people who say that they forget to eat or ignore it until the body won't take anymore, cause now I'm doing it. Darn body. So needy.

The relatives are home. I keep wondering how much their new plane tickets costed, but it's probably too painful a question.

I'm still not up to watching the new Doctor Who episode. It's too freaky. But it's DW! How can I not watch it? Then again, I'm not planning on watching the last DT specials due to abysmal reviews, so...

Oh, and I got a couple of yeses (that looks odd) from PA jobs I've applied for, so yay! No pay, but who gets paid to PA in a short, anyway? I hear that PAs in bigger productions do get paid, which is what I'm aiming for, and possibky lighting. I have to get it down pat for photography, anyway. Except that here the subjects are moving, which makes it a total nightmare.
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( Apr. 20th, 2010 01:34 pm)
I finally watched the end of the fourth season of Doctor Who. Yes, it took me this long )

Meanwhile, I need a scene for tomorrow and I have nothing. Well, I might have something, but not really, because I can't find anything that fits the requirements in the hilarious script for In the Loop, except for maybe one scene at the end and another with a humongous amount of inventive swearing and if we all keep cracking up on set, we're never going to get this scene finished. With all this hubaloo about getting actors for the shoots, I forgot that I need an actual script to shoot. Great. Oh, and thanks to this, I'm adding another show to my "to watch" list: The Thick of It, as if I didn't have enough time wasting activities as it is, although then again, I do have to be aware of the key shows out there, even if they're across the pond and ABC's planned remake of it went nowhere (they have so many desperate writers pitching them new ideas, yet the execs insist on rehashing the same stuff over and over again, come off it, already, will you?)

This post might be a little rambly. I'm not sure. I also need to remember to eat. I haven't felt like it lately and all this stuff keeps distracting it, but my stomach isn't buying it.
I'm going to Cardiff for two days, which I will mostly spend out of the city on tours that come back around 5:30. The Red Dragon Centre, where they have a Doctor Who exhibition, closes at 6:30 and it's at the very least a 20 minute walk from the tour's drop off point. At times like this I really wish I could run. I might beg the driver if it might be possible to leave me someplace closer so I can at least run around for half an hour. And that's if the tour gets back at 5:30 and not later. *mopes* I am such a geek.

Still thinking whether I should spend yet another $315 to go to Budapest for two days. I so don't have time for another trip, but no is when I know I can. It's not like I go off to other countries every other year and with the future job situation who knows how things will play out. I am so not telling dad how much money I'm spending here. No way. It's my money, anyway, but he gets this stern frown on his face when I steer away from financial sense. Then again, this is the man who spent $2,000 on a camera and didn't want to admit it.
I'm referring to the finale of Season 1 of Doctor Who. Rambling is behind the cut )


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