Originally I had two gigs. One was the same as the one yesterday, so that's a no go. The other one I haven't heard back from since I asked if I could get free parking. Maybe I shouldn't have said "free", but I can't afford paying for it in Chicago and it's not like they're paying anything and I have very expensive equipment I need to buy in addition to feeding the machine parked outside (I demand teleporting abilities now).

On a lighter note, I took 137 pictures of dandelions today. They're all crowded on this rough patch of pebbles and odd stuff on the lawn so my grandfather couldn't mow them down. I do not understand why people don't like dandelions. They are so pretty! Maybe I appreciate them more because they are another thing we don't have in Puerto Rico, so they still feels exotic to me.

ETA: This does not bode well. My contact for tomorrow just emailed me without answering my parking question. I just looked at the UIC website, and yes, they do charge. This is supposed to be a continuous job, not a one time thing and they're not going to pay me anything. With zero income, I can't afford $10 parking on top of $10 gas for the trip.
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( Apr. 29th, 2010 12:29 pm)
Ten people showed up for the auditions last night. Eighteen people had confirmed. And one of the ones who came hadn't confirmed, so really only nine people showed up. Half. Well, better than no one. I was a bit worried about that. And we did get talented people! I'm not sure about a couple of them, but most were good. I even have good second picks in case the ones I most want have scheduling problems. I'm a little intimidated by my first female choice, though. My own fault because I directed to be intimidating and she really was. She was excellent. She works at a local TV station as an Assistant Director. I have no idea what her bosses are thinking by not putting her in front of the camera.

I went picture taking through the park yesterday, so now I'm so darn sleepy. I've been up for two and a half hours and I'm still waking up. Not good. I have a film shoot tomorrow, a student short. Call time is 9am, so I might still be sleepy.
It's official. I'm no good working in an office. So since I've messed up big every single day I've gone in to the internship, today my supervisor and I had "the chat". I can't even book a rental car without making a headache for everyone. So I don't know how I'm going to do it, but I'm looking for stuff that does not have in an office. Which might be impossible, because every internship I've seen is in one. But at least something that plays to my strengths, not everything I've always been bad at. I'm actually relieved, because I hated this job, I was not doing anything that would help me, and it's marketing, so networking wouldn't work. And I've always hated conventional marketing. I never watch or listen to commercials because most are so damn obnoxious. Anyway, that's not really related to the problem here. It just wasn't working out.

Also, I'm no good for producing. I already realized in production class, but this was the nail in the coffin. I would have no time for the creative stuff, which is no good at all. It's not the life I want.

Yesterday's film shoot was great though. Well, except for the cars passing by and the obnoxious person going up and down the stairs right beside the basement we were filmimg in, making us do takes over and over again just to get new sound, which stretched out one short scene from 12:30 to 6:30. Yes, 6 hours on one little scene. The lights alone took almost three hours because off wonky shadows. Lighting is hard. I cannot emphasize that enough. I got invited to a screenwriters group by the producer, who perked up (he looked really excited) when I said that I studied Latin American history. The Filmmakers group we're part of makes shorts throughout the year, too, and they're a really friendly group of people. I did get stuck when one of them asked me who my influences were. I can't exactly say "fanfiction writers", now can I? Sure, original fiction must have influenced me too, but there's no particular author I would pick out. My favorites in the published realm tend to write stuff completely different from what I do.

I watched Avatar for a fifth time on Saturday because my cousin hadn't seen it and he had to see on the big screen before it comes out on DVD. At least it had been a long while since the last time and it was in 3D, so there was a new element. And I didn't get dizzy! Everyone I know has been complaining that it's not 3D enough because the images don't jump out at you save a few, it's more like the screen deepens, but that's probably why I didn't get dizzy. I don't want to have a humongous bird thing jump a foot away from me. The trailers were in that kind of 3D and I wasn't handling it to well. I hope more 3D movies are like this one, because else with this 3D craze I'm not going to handle it well.
The film shoot on Sunday includes a cementery and Indian burial grounds. And creepy woods. Alright, the woods might not be creepy. But burial grounds! Two of them! *shifty eyes* If I bring ghosts back wih me, I hope they get along with the house ghost. I don't care if wooden houses settle, this house makes way too many human like noises.
So all this time I've reading reviews on Amazon by "serious photographers" complaining that the video feature on some DSLRs is a fancy frill designed to lure in the amateurs who want to shoot crapy home videos instead of using a real video camera. However, not only do DSLRs not shoot crappy video, it's actually pretty damn good and rivals the quality of digital video cameras. Not quite film, but no one's contesting that one. Oh, if film were only not so horrendously expensive to deal with. Apparently, you need a set of equipment around the camera , not just the camera itself, but it's still way cheaper than a $5,000 HVX or the like. Neat. But of course, I bought a DSLR that doesn't shoot video. Of course.

Oh, and never, ever, ever use the mic on the camera on pain of death, or crappy sound, which is the same thing.

It feels a little odd that I don't watch television anymore. I'm down to Caprica, which I can't watch live due to a slight lack of the SyFy channel, and Modern Family, which is also for Hulu cause I have class Wednesday nights. I keep meaning to watch Mad Men, but right now I can't afford the time investment. I feel weird without fandom. It's like part of me is missing. *frowns*


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