Food-wise, at least. My grandmother made arroz con leche last night, which is sweet rice goodness with cinnamon on top. Then today, she made turkey and potato tacos, rice with tomato sauce, lentils, and now she's making fish. Mmm. I shall try not to inhale all the arrow con leche and the lentils like last time, but it might be a close call.

I've finally managed to calm down about the The Hobbit trailer being out after two days of bouncing around everywhere, but OMG Galadriel! OMG Thorin! OMG Bilbo! OMG Gandalf! OMG we're going to have Middle Earth Christmas again! OMG!!!

Alright, maybe I haven't calmed down that much. The thing is, Tolkienverse was my first huge obsession and fandom. It's what dragged me from writing one short story a year because I didn't think I was any good to becoming a regular writer. I'd read The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings in 8th grade, but after FOTR came out, I read every single book there was, as well as spent a disgusting amount of money on merchandise. My Witchking sword is still hanging in the living room. My grandfather is quite proud of it now. I've missed the fandom these last few years. The fact that the wonderful Martin Freeman is Bilbo makes it so much sweeter.

Also, I have a Dreamwidth account, if anyone is interested, though at the moment I'm only using it for the Grimm kinkmeme. Kinkmemes are first priority, you know?
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( Jul. 14th, 2011 07:50 pm)
A pug followed me into the yard today. We have a fence, but since he was tiny, he slipped right in and started following me around with big, pleading eyes as I parked the car and took up the groceries. I had no idea what to do. Once inside the house, I decided to just ignore him, but he kept loitering around the house for over an hour. He even popped up in the balcony. Usually, it's cats who do that, but those run away from me since they don't know me. I have no idea whose dog it is since people here let their dogs wander everywhere since many people don't have fences (the terrain makes fences tricky for some people). At least it wasn't a horse barging in. We've had that problem, too. That's why we close the fence now.

Later on, we were on the southern edge of a storm for five hours of incessant thunder, non-stop rain that never got above a drizzle, and no wind. Seriously, a storm and no wind. That's just weird. Oh, well. I guess we were in that narrow section where the wind just didn't feel like it.

Meanwhile, I may have sorta put a Heroes reference in an X: First Class fic. A little one. You wouldn't know unless you're looking. And I'm not sure the years add up, yet nevertheless, there it is.

Oh, and I'm writing the main pairing of a fandom. Yes, the main pairing. I don't even know.
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( Jul. 9th, 2011 09:53 pm)
My evening so far:

--started a fic I should not be writing

--wasted 40 minutes on Texts from Xavier Academy

--started lighter fic I maybe should be working on

--told friend to buy Deadwood (he asked)

--started watching U-571 as research/way to avoid being productive

--went back to Texts from Xavier Academy while watching movie. Seriously, these macros are the best thing ever.

--wished Harry Potter was out already
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( Jun. 20th, 2011 05:00 pm)
1. I have internet again! Although there's something very wrong about the fact that every few months, I am celebrating the return of the internet. *glares at internet devices*

2. I am so obsessed with the new X-Men movie that it's eating into my productivity (and my bank account). It's made me really miss comic books, which I haven't had time for since ever. I'm barely resisting the urge to dig out my Batman comics. The Hellboy ones are back in IL, so I can't read those. *sigh*

3. I should be typing up notes and using my German Rosetta Stone, which I finally started yesterday. Any minute now. I just need to... um... see what fanfic has been posted today.
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( Oct. 28th, 2010 07:28 pm)
I want to sleep! But I sleep and I sleep and I'm still tired! Stupid sickness.

So what am I doing? Writing my novel? Reading those books that need reading? Being in any way productive? Nooo. I'm watching Sherlock again and reading fic. So irresponsible. I'll never learn.
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( Jul. 29th, 2010 10:39 pm)
Watching my grandmother should not be this cute. And yet... it is. She's just... cute. Today it was my grandfather's soaps and the craziness that is this house, which was built by a madman. Considering the insanity we've had to deal with, he might have been a madman. There's a heater in the garage (which brings to mind all sorts of nefarious purposes, the old fuse box was literally an antiquate, there were electric cables under the driveway to the garage. As in inside the concrete. What. The. Hell? The whole thing feels like it's debating with itself whether to fall apart, but staying up and freaking out everyone is too much fun. Then again, it's part brick, so a tornado won't get us that easily. Just the roof. And my sanity.

I should probably be in bed. I'm just so giggly all of a sudden.

I put up a poster from the National Portrait Gallery and the woman in it is staring at me. Her eyes follow me everywhere. It's a really cool picture, but kinda freaky.

Three days until new True Blood. Dare I hope it'll be good? See? Heroes. *sigh*
Because American football puts me to sleep. And now I just rememebered that the World Cup is this summer and I started bouncing in my chair. Whoohoo!

So today's meme commandment is Day 12 → Whatever tickles your fancy. Therefore, I've concoted a picspam of things Ive already posted before, but that are still fun.

Milo! )
Demotivation! )
More Milo plus Adrian! )
Even more Milo holding a bag no one is looking at! )
Zapata! )
The awesome Salma Hayek! )
The scrumptious David Anders! )
Peter's feminine side! )
Milo snuggling Chewie! )

In other news, the snowfall of the century (or something like that) is set to fall on the night that I absolutely have to drive up to Chicago. Swell. Weather, I hate you. So much. I really, really want to go outside to take pictures, but it's really cold and I still don't have the right gloves.

I am slowly working on my screenplay and when I say slowly, I mean that the muse has run off to Hawaii and by screenplay I mean that I'm brainstorming in novel draft format, because it makes my life easier. Plus I'm finally catching up with more Mexican history, since the screenplay is set in Mexico during the 1890s and it was a nice excuse.

I watched The United States of Tara. Awesome. And it's so refreshing to see a show geared around a female character. There aren't a lot of those. It's well written, the characters are interesting, the gay character isn't struggling with his identity or his family, and the alters are completely kooky.

Oh, and I found a doll's head in a drawer. I do not know.
1. Banks = all that is evil in this world

2. The Horatio Hornblower movies are totally awesome. I can't believe I haven't read the books yet.

3. It is way too hot here. This is the warmest "winter" I have ever experienced.

4. I did not see Avatar today. *gasps in horror at own oversight*

5. I am considering waiting to see Armored in the cheap theatre. If I can wait, I might as well see it for a buck.

6. It took a ridiculous amount of willpower to leave out the "u" from "armored". And I just went back and deleted it this time.

7. I am going overboard a submission story's word count again. This can't keep happening.

8. One of my nieces officially has autism. Interesting. Must go and google "autism" now. I have only very vague notions about what it means.

9. I am reading a novel that I know will be depressing. This is not on. Why do I do this to myself?
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( Dec. 13th, 2009 10:36 pm)
Either I'm too depressed to write or I'm too cheery and bouncy. Ahhh!!

Anyway... I went out yesterday! Twice! And grotesquely overpaid for food, but I went out! And had sushi. Umm. Sushi. Everyone is finished with the semester by Wednesday, so then the fun and doings can really begin. I missed being out of the house. And Avatar comes out on Thursday. I've had an obsession with this movie since I saw the trailer. I know why, but the reason's a little... weird. My mind works in mysterious ways.
I've finally figured out why I'm so unwilling to write lately. Because I'm stuck in a funk and the story I'm working on right now is angst. There's not even gay smut to temper the angst. And I really don't want to write angst right now (something that only happens once every thousand years).

I shall entertain myself by making random observations:

Peter Jackson is looking a lot slimmer these days.

Dear press: I do not care what Tiger Woods is up to. Go away.

Reading Heroes spoilers does nothing for me these days. Mostly because a certain annoying person is going to stick around until the end of the season and hopefully no further.

Damn, is it hot here. It's not the heat itself that’s getting to me, but the humidity. I'm all sticky! I feel like Frodo in Shelob's lair.

I really, really hope the car works tomorrow. I definitely smacked it hard enough to puncture something, but I have two different places to go tomorrow and if I go back to depending on rides my precarious sanity might completely collapse.

Puerto Rican traffic jams are Sithly. I feel myself go over to the Dark Side every time. There’s probably enough negative energy crackling along Puerto Rican roads in one afternoon to power Hell for 500 years.
Fifteen minutes away to my aunt's retirement party, but the point is: I got out of the house! And I saw people! And people saw me! And tomorrow I will get out of the house again! And the day after that! Booyah! Tomorrow is coat shopping and a makeup party. I never wear wakeup, but my cousin's hosting it, so cool. Then Sunday is birthday party (I cannot believe my nephew is 20 already) and the concert. Hee hee hee! I may buy the Star Wars soundtracks afterwards.
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( Nov. 25th, 2009 12:58 am)
Or else the weather just hates me and insists on being dark and grey the whole day.

I'm watching Angels and Demons for some reason. My cousin bought it. I don't know why. It has me rolling my eyes more than anything.

I appear to have acquired a new obsession with this Avatar anime. Great. I so do not have time for this or money since now I want to get it.. But it's so much fun. I'm not sure if I'll be watching the movie adaptation that's coming out in summer, though. From the two things I know about it, it already looks like they're changing things unnecessarily, which bugs me. Oh well. The original is good enough for me.
1. Watching Avatar: The Last Airbender because it's funny and cute. As a consequence, all the images in my head are animated now, which is irksome.

2. Trying not to slash two people from the above series, because woah these people are young.

2. Wondering why I'm not catching up with Fullmetal Alchemist episodes instead though I'm woefully behind.

3. Looking through Marie Brozova's art gallery and beating myself over the fact that I didn't stop at her shop in Prague even though I was right there a street away (although I did get ten postcards of hers when I stumbled upon her in a nearby city). But man. This woman's stuff is amazing. I haven't found drawings I loved this much in a long time.

4. Watching the trailer for Avatar way too many times.

5. Wishing these darn would go away and let me see the sky again. Even when it's sunny, it's grey. I can't take it anymore!

Oh, and I bought tickets for PR. I leave in two weeks. It was only $303, people.
I can't get used to this. Sure, in London by four it was already black, but it should not be dark at five. I don't care what spot of the planet I'm on. This never stops feeling weird. I need to get earlier. I get like four hours of sunshine now. So wrong.

After two days of not writing more than 300 words, I finally wrote 2,000 today, although I'm still really distracted. And now my shoulder blades hurt. Ow.

I also went out with my cousin and his son yesterday to watch 2012 (and buy socks) )

I almost forgot about Heroes! Again! I'm not sure I want to watch this episode. *shields Peter's eyes* I am way too attached.
Today's breakfast time: 2:30
Lunchtime:7:30. PM. I don't care if it was already dark. It was the second meal of the day, so I'm calling it lunch.

I made myself a deadline to finish a fic and within a determined word count for the first time ever. Basically because it's for an anthology whose submission deadline is Nov. 30, so I have to hurry. I've got a fun idea going, so we'll see how that goes.

Heroes is tomorrow. We'll see how that goes, too. I'm a little worried after last week's episode. And right after I'd stopped worrying, too.
From waking up at 9 (I haven't woken up before 10:30 in weeks), to being stuffed in a car for an hour, to writing, to watching a horrible Heores episode to reading up on the state of gay fiction and excessive defensiveness to writing some more until my body hurts and my stomach is annoyingly hungry to hearing from someone who had great insider information during the writer's strike that a certain possible firing effectively kills a storyline that should have been one of the strongest this season, but which the writer's have turned into repetitive mush. I'm too tired to even react anymore.
Dear tornado alarm people,

Stop mucking around with that thing! It is not funny to wake up someone with the shriek of death when there's isn't so much as a thunderstorm in the area, yet the wind is howling like the headless horseman. They turned on the thing twice for like two seconds, then turned it off. Did they have a child running amuck playing with the buttons? Do not press the red button, people.

I'm 5,378 words into a het sex scene, or rather, scenes, and I'm enjoying it. *waits for the rain of fire* It's been years since the last time this happened.

I will try to remember that 30 Rock is on today before the show starts and not afterwards. I missed the first ten minutes of Modern Family yesterday due to the aforementioned scene, which made me sad. It's such a great show. I must catch it on youtube or somewhere later today.

As I work on another short story, I am reminded of how bizarre the format seems to me in an original fiction context, as it's already 10,000 words long, which doesn’t sound long until I see that it's 22 pages. And I use 10 point font. And it's finished. But it feels short! Some of these anthologies I want to submit to have a 6,000 word maximum. That's nothing! It's a tiny, little baby. Okay, so mabe not a baby, but it's still toddler territory.
Three 24-hour nationwide strikes by Royal Mail workers are to start on Thursday

My brain only processed "strikes" and "Royal Mail" and for some reason I thought of weapon strikes and I'm like "Why is the Royal Mail attacking of all people?" Then I remembered the other definition of "strike" and now I can't stop laughing. My brain does not function, people.

I just watched BSG: The Plan. Very cool. I would say something more coherent but I'm sure I'm capable of coherent right now. On that vein, I must write now. I'm sure that's going to be a disaster.

Ah, hell, maybe I'll just watch the third Ice Age movie.
I can't believe it's here already, mostly because I lost a day this week and for me it's still Wednesday.

I just finished a really heavy Anne Boleyn biography which now has my poor index fingers sore. Next up: Parzival or however you want to spell that. You know, I remember, way back, promising to myself that after the dissertation was done, I wouldn't touch history for a month. Where did that promise go? Hell, I started this research while writing the dissertation. Different motivators, I guess.

And who the hell is this Kanye West guy, anyway? Not that I really care. I'm more interested in people who were famous 400 years ago than people who are famous now.

Off to open a bank account. In person. And why am I hearing Reggeaton from the living room TV?
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( Sep. 10th, 2009 10:12 pm)
I can either keep writing silliness, keep reading Catherine of Aragon's fascinating biography and rail at Wolsey and Henry, or watch DW's "School Reunion" instantly on Netflix and wish CE had stuck around (although I do like DT's Doctor, I really do; don't look at me like that!). There's also Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere. So many options! I don't know what to do!


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