I just can't. I'm too shellshocked/moved/everything to not think about it. This is going to take a while to recover from.

It appears that my lamp has gone insane, for it just started blinking. Please tell me the fuses aren't at it again.

I missed Milo on Kimmel today, as expected. The problem with late night shows and no DVR is that, yeah, I can't really watch them without keeping at least one person in the house awake, since watching television at a low volume drives me insane. I never trained my ears to hear at that range. I just can't understand what people are saying.

I wanted to write more fic today, but I had to deal with the minutiae of the thesis. The pieces are numbered and organized. Now I just need to come up with something halfway intelligent to finish the conclusion with. Thus far, I have nothing. No fields of further research to propose. No contradictory conclusions. I really have no clue how to write conclusions.

ETA: I did call my cousin yesterday. And I told her I would give her a link my stories. Without really thinking about it. So I'm flocking the most incriminating stuff at Dreamwidth and directing her there. This is what happens when I don't think before I speak. I did tell her I don't write mainstream stuff.
some thesis ranting )
Heroes/Buffy hodgepodge )

Apparently, Milo will be on Jimmy Kimmel tomorrow. So I guess I'll finally find out who Jimmy Kimmel is (I hardly watch television, okay? I don't have HBO here. *cries*).

Almost done with BSG. Just one more DVD, Razor, and Caprica and I'm done. Oh, and then there's The Plan. And there's a series for Caprica coming out Jan. 22! That is so awesome. BSG is one of the best shows I've seen in a long time. I don't even mind the spaceships. I don't care how sacrilegious this sounds, but since I don't consider myself a sci-fi fan (though I might have to revise that given how many sci-fi series I'm accumulating), it doesn't feel so sacrilegious. I like it better than Star Wars. Watching these characters totally makes me want to get off my ass and do something.

Hey, I think I'm starting to feel better.
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( Aug. 28th, 2009 05:57 pm)
It's done. The first draft is officially done. Editing and irritating minutiae are still waiting to be finished, but the first draft is done. I am so tied I don't even have the energy to celebrate. I really hope my cousin comes by tomorrow.
I can't stop laughing. You know that kinda desperate laugh that you can't tell at first if the person is laughing or crying and then a huge guffaw rings out? That's what I've got right now. It won't stop! I think I just feel so overwhelmed. I can almost see the finish line. The only thing missing from the first draft is the concussion (I swear I wrote that down without meaning to, but it seems to fit) conclusion. I'm 300 words into that (handwritten). I already sent the rest to my dad for proofreading. The finish line is right there. I can feel it in my bones, literally. They all hurt. A lot. I can't sit down for more than an hour anymore. My right arm keeps screaming at me, I've got carpal tunnel like whoa, my knees and ankles hate me, and my right shoulder blade feels like burning. Classic symptoms of essay writing. I'm betting that at least half of my course mates are feeling the same way right now.

La la la! I so totally need a vacation.

This thesis keeps making me think of FMA. I've come this close from writing "equivalent exchange" I don't know how many times now.

And of course, to aid my concentration problems in this time of trial,this is the sight I'm subjected to every time I turn to my right: )

ETA: I just realized I used a nearly identical subject line three days ago. Thesis writing is not healthy, I tell ya.
I really needed the break, okay? Seriously. This morning my brain felt like it was melting after getting a full night's sleep. And I really am good for time. I have 18 days left. I've got 9,040 words out of 11,600ish, because I don't want to toe the line to closely to the 12,000 mark due to the danger of going even one word overboard (5 marks off). I can get those final words in 4 days. Then revision, sending it to dad so he can weed out unacademic language, and ta da! And I did get some work done today. I did the appendix. Which took forever (and was incredibly boring).

By the way, have I mentioned that I hate living near skunks? Yeesh. Every single night here you smell one. I did not miss that.
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( Aug. 7th, 2009 09:54 pm)
If I ever express the determination to get a PhD, punch me. God, writing a thesis sucks. Would someone please explain to me what the hell is the sodding point of changing a period in the bibliography into a coma in the footnote? Why is this asinine punctuation so important? It's not like it's grammatically relevant. It doesn't give the reader any more or less information about the source. It's one of the most pointless things I've ever seen in my life and yet you get marks off if you get it wrong. *crawls into a hole and cries* I hate this thing. It's a good thing I actually care about the subject.

I really hope no one gets me clothes for my birthday. No one in my family seems to have any sense about the clothes I like. And yet despite pointing out every time they see me that I've lost weight even when I've gained weight (I don't know), somehow what they get me is always two sizes too big. Yet I can't seem to find the polite way of telling them not to buy me clothes. Please. Do not buy me clothes. On a good full day of shopping, I might get two shirts. That's how picky I am (of course, I often find more shirts I like than just two, but they're a bit out of my price range; another reason why I need to be mom and make my own clothes already).

I want to make icons. Unfortunately, I can't justify the time. Damn.

I hear over in [livejournal.com profile] ecclescult that CE shows up in a scene with a waistcoat (ETA: in GI Joe; me brain dead). I think I melted in my chair a bit.

I bought a biography of the fourth Duke of Norfolk, i. e. the guy CE played in Elizabeth. It wasn't that expensive. Just 9 pounds. That’s a pretty fantastic deal for an out of print history book, the average price of which seems to be $30 if you don't care for it that much or $50 and above if you do. Not that I have a very high opinion of this guy since you really can't get any stupider than conspiring behind the Queen's back, getting caught, not getting executed only because for some reason the Queen didn't want to kill you, then going right back into the conspiracy when it was so obvious that you were going to get caught again and this time no excuse was going to keep the axe from your neck. *shakes head* Complete idiocy.

I'm going to go watch something simple now because my brain is mush. And I only wrote 550 words. Which is cool. I'm on schedule. But my brain shouldn't hurt this much.
During the whole of August, I will be a hermit, strapped to my desk (which I need to buy first) crying over 36 pages of hell, but not this month. There's too much traveling going on. But it doesn't seem like anyone is taking the full summer to do this, anyway. Some people (lots, probably) are barely getting deep into it now, while one of my friends is aiming to finish by the end of this month. I've been working since a week after exams, which was mid May. I have another month and a half after July. Sounds good. I'll finish up the reasearch, do the outline, and maybe even the source overview. I can't believe there are people who are only starting now.

I've got enough destinations book to last me four years. I keep thinking that people who live here have no problem going to different countries for much less money than us across the Atlantic because there are so many so close. Just get on the train and go! Trains are awesome, by the way. And Airports are evil. Avoid at all costs. FYI: When booking hotels, check as many websites as you can. I went from feeling resigned about paying $80 to bouncing over $35.

Speaking of traveling, question for [livejournal.com profile] visiblemarket. I'm going to be taking an out of London tour at least one of the days that you're here. Wondering if you'd be interested. I warn you, though, seeing as how they leave from gloriously expensive London, they're hardly what you call cheap.

ETA: Like probably every single person I know has been telling me to do, I am going to take the train that goes under the English Channel. But I'm not going to Paris (I'm headed for Brussels, the city, not the vegetable of icky reputation). I shall doubtless encounter confounded looks everywhere.
Movie break!! Never mind that this movie break includes more organizing of the interminable thesis notes. Which I suspect will only occupy 30% of my time.

There's no real purpose to this post other than to say that I get the urge to write a fic for that bogus trailer at the beginning of Tropic Thunder every time I see it. I am so getting this movie on DVD.


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