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( Dec. 10th, 2009 01:20 pm)

Okay, I'm back. Seriously, I am so tired. i feel like I've had all the blood drained out of me. I was going to go to Best Buy and get myself a netbook already, but screw it. I don't think I can drive for half an hour right now. The point is, I made it to PR. Two days later. I'm so tired that I'm just going to post a little mini rant I wrote while waiting at baggage claim yeste-- the day before that.

Such a fine day I had today. Stuck in an airport being bored out of my mind. Just beautiful. Hours and hours wiled away with my head in my hands as the plane refused to arrive from Ft. Lauderdale, and when it did... Oh, so sorry, but it's snowing so hard out there. And then we had to de-ice the plane. And then they had to move a dog. And then the poor pilots went over their regulation time. And then it was too late for anything other than to stand in a ginormous queue for an entrire hour to get a flight that does not pass through Miami, because I refuse to do a stopover when I paid for a direct flight. The chances of this flight getting canceled as well as probably as huge as the clups of snow tumbling out there, but since I do not own a private jet, I'm screwed.

Oh, and did I mention that some lady fainted from stress and frustration and maybe even rage at the weather gods? Because she did.

And now some other woman is spraying herself with air freshner. The hell?
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( Dec. 7th, 2009 03:21 pm)
Star Wars in Concert was awesome! Now I want the soundtracks. All of them. Now I finally have something to ask for Christmas that doesn't come out on sale December 29th!

It snowed last night, so now everything's white, except the driveway and the roads, which is excellent. The weather forecasters keep saying that a storm is coming tomorrow. It better as hell not come near until nighttime, cause that's when I leave. At least I'm headed off in the opposite direction, but why do storms always have to happen the day when I have to get into a flying contraption'?
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( Jul. 15th, 2009 11:47 pm)
I feel absolutely shellshocked. Despite my best efforts to get nine hours of sleep last night, I kept waking up in the middle of the night and couldn't fall asleep in the first place because it was 7 pm! And the sun was shining! Yes, I went to bed at seven. These things happen when one sets the clock for 5 am.

I feel like I'm going to collapse on the keyboard out of total exhaustion, so details are going to have to wait, because my brain feels like it's pudding. It's been insane. My legs have never hurt this much ever. My feet hate me. My shins despise me. I could almost hear them weeping at times. I hurt. A lot. I'm tired of eating overpriced sandwiches. I must now go and eat cereal. *hugs cereal* It's been so long.

I got in from Brussels today and went straight to watch a play. I got there 8 minutes before the curtain call. Mad, I tell ya.

Also, I am convinced that London is the best city in the whole world. *hugs London* I missed it every single day, even while seeing amazing stuff. It's got the best public transport, it's clean (Brussels is absolutely filthy, by the way, while Barcelona stinks like a sewer every other block; I so wish I was kidding), and you you can't smoke inside any public spaces. I got such a humongous culture shock when I got smacked by the stench of cigarette smoke while buying a sandwich and saw a woman sitting at the cafe smoking. I could not believe it. Same with Prague. And there were people smoking in a pub at Brussels Midi station. That's not even legal in Puerto Rico. I'm suddenly very proud of my little island. It's goof to see that we do manage to do some things right.
After that it's Prague Brussels. *slides down in chair* Don't hate me. The point is, I'm going to be internet-less during that time :(. I shall also not be able to write anything since I don't have one of those little laptops like my dad has. *cries*

I bought a couple of CDs of Elizabethan music yesterday and can't stop listening to them. I should have bought more (do you ever get the feeling that your parent is glaring disapprovingly over your shoulder when you're spending too much money?). The world also keeps shifting on me because I took a boat ride and that always takes my body a couple of days to sort out.

I need to pack, shower, write, and watch Elizabeth. And sleep. Must remember to sleep.
I saw her. The Mary Rose. I just saw the Mary freaking Rose! I can't believe this. I had no idea they'd recovered her. None. It must have been in the historic dockyard website somewhere, but I completely missed it. And I was thinking about her, too. *bounces around the room* I've been squealing and giggling and almost crying with joy the whole day.

And you probably have no idea what 'm talking about. She's a tall ship, Henry VIII's favourite man-o-war, which was sunk, but I don't remember by who.. The ship isn't complete anymore. How could it be? It'd been lying on the sea bed for 400 years. But the whole starboard side is there! And they have guns! And bows! and pots! And odd, little things no one can decipher! I can't believe I just saw the Mary Rose. And I went down to see the HMS Victory. And that was amazing, too, and I almost cried again, but I almost cry a lot these days, but then I saw the Mary Rose and that just completely blew it out of the ballpark. The Mary Rose. Eeee!

I noticed they had a Mary Rose Museum and something called the Mary Rose Hall, but I thought it was just a name. Then I went into the hall to see what there was, grabbed an audio guide, and passed through the plastic sealed doors. The first thing I saw was glass, clouded up with some watery substance, but it wasn't clear like pure water would be. The glass stretched out in a long corridor lined with people. I raised the guide to my ear and began to detect a fuzzy shape in the background. I don’t remember which happened first: me distinguishing the hull or the guide telling me that it was the Mary Rose. The whole thing took a few minutes to sink in.

Yes, I'm a maritime geek. A big one. As you can probably tell.

Now I'm going to try to reply to some comments before collapsing into bed. It got two hours of sleep last night. This new dorm bed is Satan.
During the whole of August, I will be a hermit, strapped to my desk (which I need to buy first) crying over 36 pages of hell, but not this month. There's too much traveling going on. But it doesn't seem like anyone is taking the full summer to do this, anyway. Some people (lots, probably) are barely getting deep into it now, while one of my friends is aiming to finish by the end of this month. I've been working since a week after exams, which was mid May. I have another month and a half after July. Sounds good. I'll finish up the reasearch, do the outline, and maybe even the source overview. I can't believe there are people who are only starting now.

I've got enough destinations book to last me four years. I keep thinking that people who live here have no problem going to different countries for much less money than us across the Atlantic because there are so many so close. Just get on the train and go! Trains are awesome, by the way. And Airports are evil. Avoid at all costs. FYI: When booking hotels, check as many websites as you can. I went from feeling resigned about paying $80 to bouncing over $35.

Speaking of traveling, question for [ profile] visiblemarket. I'm going to be taking an out of London tour at least one of the days that you're here. Wondering if you'd be interested. I warn you, though, seeing as how they leave from gloriously expensive London, they're hardly what you call cheap.

ETA: Like probably every single person I know has been telling me to do, I am going to take the train that goes under the English Channel. But I'm not going to Paris (I'm headed for Brussels, the city, not the vegetable of icky reputation). I shall doubtless encounter confounded looks everywhere.
I'm going to Cardiff for two days, which I will mostly spend out of the city on tours that come back around 5:30. The Red Dragon Centre, where they have a Doctor Who exhibition, closes at 6:30 and it's at the very least a 20 minute walk from the tour's drop off point. At times like this I really wish I could run. I might beg the driver if it might be possible to leave me someplace closer so I can at least run around for half an hour. And that's if the tour gets back at 5:30 and not later. *mopes* I am such a geek.

Still thinking whether I should spend yet another $315 to go to Budapest for two days. I so don't have time for another trip, but no is when I know I can. It's not like I go off to other countries every other year and with the future job situation who knows how things will play out. I am so not telling dad how much money I'm spending here. No way. It's my money, anyway, but he gets this stern frown on his face when I steer away from financial sense. Then again, this is the man who spent $2,000 on a camera and didn't want to admit it.
After spending a ridiculous amount of time trying to find day tours in Wales, I found only one company that doesn't insist that I pay exorbitant amounts of money, stay at a hostel, or request that I make the trip myself. However, I find it very amusing that on their booking page they insist on referring to themselves in the third person as "The Company". Should I feel threatened? I'm not sure.
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( Jun. 14th, 2009 03:28 am)
God, I hate making travel plans. I just spent three hours dealing with the trip to Scotland. Three hours!! And I only booked the hotel!!! *cries* I went from looking for 3 day tours to 2 day tours and now it's down to 2 day tours since the price keeps rising alarmingly. As in 2 separate tours since the hotel in Edinburgh is a lot cheaper. Never mind that I still don't know whether to take a plane or the train, which takes forever and is not cheaper. *falls flat on face* I am so not telling my dad how much this is all going to cost. Though he will find out, no doubt, about the 50% charge the dorm is going to smack me with for not staying there all the time I said I was going to.

Need job. So bad. But if I don't take the chance to go to these places now, when am I going to do it?
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( May. 20th, 2009 09:16 pm)
Hello, jetlag. Why do I have jetlag? I never have jetlag. I'm getting old. I got to PR yesterday after a nightmarish travail that I'd rather not repeat because it makes me cranky. Short version: I missed the flight because my body is insane so I had to pay $400 to change it. Bleargh!

I wrote on the plane. That was good. Started a new fic. Not so good. There are way too many WIPs in my harddrive.

I am too tired to even make a proper entry. I think I'll eat and watch tv now.
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( Apr. 17th, 2009 03:32 pm)
I am at present avoiding everything. Studying. Writing. Determining what to copy for my dissertation. Going out. Talking to people. Reading. Everything except watching My Name is Earl. Because I'm a tv addict, a fact which reared its ugly, cackling head whilst I lay convalescing on my hotel bed with my organs trying to murder me from the inside out. I just watched sitcoms, sitcoms, and more sitcoms. Some drama, too, but it was mostly Friends, Everybody Loves Raymond, and whatnot. So now I'm stuck watching Earl. But it's so addictive. And I really don't want to study. I figure I can put it off for one more day before the world forces me to get serious again.

This past week has been a blur. I got food poisoning on Saturday, got on a plane on Monday with my appetite back, got itchy spots somewhere above the Atlantic, freaked out when I saw myself on the mirror in Amsterdam, arrived in London on Tuesday, wound up in the emergency room on Wednesday morning, slept through the day, woke up at midnight, watched some tv, then slept on until 1 on Thursday. So I feel like it's just been one day since I got back. It's weird.

To be productive today I think I'll sort through my pictures and finish up the ending for that Steve/Sam thing I promised so long ago. It's not short, guys. I don't know why I keep hoping for that.
I was planning to write up some posts throughout the trip, but it didn't happen except for this one, so I'll post it with extra stuff after it.

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( Mar. 21st, 2009 12:58 pm)
I'm leaving at 8:40 in the morning to the airport, so I'm going to have to wake up at some ridiculous hour when it's still dark, but I'm finally going back. I haven't been there in over seven years like I've told half the planet by now, but it's significant. Today I'm going to pack, return some shirts, write, make sure I can come up with some quick and easy scene to write on the plane before the computer battery dies on me so I don't have to do it all on paper (I'm so lazy about typing up stuff I've already written down), and sleep. I need to sleep. I got my first good night's sleep last night after a whole week.

I don't know how often I'll be able to get internet access. At least for the first two weeks (I'm there for three weeks), I'll be able to go to internet cafes and since it's Mexico, they should be relatively cheap. I'm going to try to see Reaper and Heroes, but I don't think it's going to happen. Unless I find someone who has internet at home. Oh well.
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( Mar. 4th, 2009 11:49 am)
I'm headed off to México in 3 weeks with a professor of mine and a couple of other people and it seems that some of them are getting vaccinated just for that. I'd heard of the concept before, but I never would have put México on the list of places you need to seriously fear getting a lethal disease in. Which you can, like everywhere else. Already you can get the West Nile virus all the way up in Illinois. I don't know. It seems a little weird to me. I guess I'm used to knowing that that mosquito bite on my arm might possibly be infected with dengue (a nasty viral thing we have in Puerto Rico), but it’s so unlikely no one bothers worrying about it. I've never gotten it. I do know someone who got it three times, though, but that's just bad luck. In México, the only precaution anyone one in my family takes is not to drink the water. Because, oh, yeah, you can get some really horrendous stomach stuff through the water. Again, not in my case, but I wasn't the one who had the horchata (which is a delicious drink, but you might want to have someone prepare it in front of you.


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