Doctor Who : Heeheeheeheeheeheeheehee!!!!!! )

Game of Thrones: It's finally getting good! Before it was only interesting as the need to establish all the characters and places made the pace really slow, but now it's really picking up. Yay!

True Blood: *sign* Last season was awful. This one is probably going to be awful, too, yet I still got it noted in my calendar. It's the Alex Skarsgard eyecandy. Such gorgeous eyecandy.
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( Aug. 2nd, 2010 07:58 pm)
I have a sneaking suspicion I may be the only person using the copier at my library. On two different days, I forgot a nickel in the change thingy. A week later, I finally checked it and my two nickels were still there. It feels very weird not having to wait in a line for minute after eternal minute as the forty minutes you have left to hand in the essay that is due today zoom by because some mad person decided to make the copier and the printer the same machine and there's a girl taking a thousand copies from five books and you're about to grab her by the throat and rip her off the machine so you can print your measly nine pages, which on that machine took a grand total of five seconds. Not that I'm complaining that I don't have to go through that at this library, mind you. It just feels weird.

I need to stop looking forward to Monday mornings (since I have no HBO, I need to wait for the True Blood download). Dear trailer makers: when you slap a whole bunch of awesome stuff together and follow it with a screen that says "Next Sunday", all that cool stuff better happen next Sunday or I get very, very cranky. Only two of the things I was I was looking forward from that trailer happened. The rest is next Sunday. Maybe. *cries* I can't take this waiting anymore! This is why I prefer to watch shows on DVD. No commercials (in non-HBO case), no waiting forever with evil cliffhangers driving me insane. It didn't help that a lot of the other stuff was 'blah'. spoilers )
I've just spent half my morning at the True Blood comms wondering why Alan Ball is projecting Kring. Disjointed storylines that have nothing to do with each other, boring new characters, people acting stupid, series creator pissing off the fans (and while screwing up the original source material, which is even worse), finding more things to critise than to praise, sick and twisted characters considered to be redeemable (Bill needs to die and he needs to die now), etc. Why, TV gods, why?
What do you mean there's no more V until November?! *flails* That's too long! And why do I only find this out after I'm smacked with the massive cliffhanger of doom? --Doctor Who fan alert-- For a second there when the sky turned red, I thought I heard the Tardis. spoliers ahoy )

Why is the premiere of True Blood so far away? 24 whole freaking days. Come on! It's my own fault for reading all these spoilers, but how can my slashy soul resist this:this? )

I need to see this now. Too much yumminess. So many possibilities. And then there are all these vidoes and tiny teasers that don't reveal anything but have me bouncing around the room liek a demented gremlin. Or something.
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( Aug. 31st, 2009 01:32 pm)
That's the second time I forget about the latest episode of True Blood because I'm stuck watching BSG. Last week, I didn't see episode 10 until Thursday. And now, even though I've downloaded the latest episode of True Blood, I want to keep watching BSG. *headdesk*

Small Heroes question. How old is Nathan in 2006? I confess that I've never had any clue and I might or might not use it in a story.
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( Jun. 6th, 2009 02:21 am)
In which I get stuck watching tv instead of writing. I dropped dad off at the airport this morning, then came back here, went out with a friend and his friends to see Star Trek again (Spock rocks!), and then proceeded to watch 3 episodes of True Blood back to back.

Random stuff:

So I hear that Johnny Depp is in PR right now. Interesting. Doesn't help if I don't know exactly where he is, though.

How come I didn't know that Michael C. Hall is in Gamer? Now I have to see that movie, and I didn't really want to, though my decision did falter after seeing this )

I have broken my promise to myself of not starting on any new shows until I has the research done, but then HBO had to be so accessible and easy and rerun all of True Blood in preparation of season 2 and I can never resist an HBO show, never mind that I haven't been interested in vampires since around sixteen, when I got completely jaded after spending years as a huge vampire fan.

I was going to comment on those casting spoilers, but now I'm kinda 'eh'.


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