OH YEAH!!!!!

For those unfamiliar with the UK grading system, 70 is good. Really good. And I got a 65 overall score, which is a merit. My exam grades were basically duds, but who cares?


*faints with happiness* I was totally not expecting anything this high.
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( Oct. 18th, 2009 01:35 am)
I am delighted to send you my warm congratulations on successfully completing your degree programme. You will receive an unofficial degree transcript detailing you results over the next few days.

So that's done. I'm glad to hear my dissertation didn't completely bomb, though I don't find out what my score is. Well.. nah. I cribbed too much from secondary sources. Bah. I don't care. At least it's not fiction, then I would really be worried.

I hear that NANOWRIMO is in town. *breaks down laughing* Let me explain. Every year I read the announcements about this and wonder why the hell they chose the busiest academic month (at least for me it's always the worst) to set this in, ensuring that I'll have zero time to do it. But now, I have all the time in the world. Except that it's too late. I already have 50,000 (53,000, to be exact) words of a novel, though I don't remember when I started, but it wasn't straightaway after I finished the dissertation, which was, oh wow, 5 weeks ago. So... I did this in a month? One month?! Can you tell that I have no life? So, the point is: I already did NANOWRIMO. So now that I finally have time to join in, it's a moot point. Oops. Whatever. I wasn't going to wait, anyway. Chances are I'll still be writing this by the deadline.

In other news.... I have no other news. This is my life. Movie watching is distracting me. Yeah.
I really needed the break, okay? Seriously. This morning my brain felt like it was melting after getting a full night's sleep. And I really am good for time. I have 18 days left. I've got 9,040 words out of 11,600ish, because I don't want to toe the line to closely to the 12,000 mark due to the danger of going even one word overboard (5 marks off). I can get those final words in 4 days. Then revision, sending it to dad so he can weed out unacademic language, and ta da! And I did get some work done today. I did the appendix. Which took forever (and was incredibly boring).

By the way, have I mentioned that I hate living near skunks? Yeesh. Every single night here you smell one. I did not miss that.
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( Aug. 7th, 2009 09:54 pm)
If I ever express the determination to get a PhD, punch me. God, writing a thesis sucks. Would someone please explain to me what the hell is the sodding point of changing a period in the bibliography into a coma in the footnote? Why is this asinine punctuation so important? It's not like it's grammatically relevant. It doesn't give the reader any more or less information about the source. It's one of the most pointless things I've ever seen in my life and yet you get marks off if you get it wrong. *crawls into a hole and cries* I hate this thing. It's a good thing I actually care about the subject.

I really hope no one gets me clothes for my birthday. No one in my family seems to have any sense about the clothes I like. And yet despite pointing out every time they see me that I've lost weight even when I've gained weight (I don't know), somehow what they get me is always two sizes too big. Yet I can't seem to find the polite way of telling them not to buy me clothes. Please. Do not buy me clothes. On a good full day of shopping, I might get two shirts. That's how picky I am (of course, I often find more shirts I like than just two, but they're a bit out of my price range; another reason why I need to be mom and make my own clothes already).

I want to make icons. Unfortunately, I can't justify the time. Damn.

I hear over in [livejournal.com profile] ecclescult that CE shows up in a scene with a waistcoat (ETA: in GI Joe; me brain dead). I think I melted in my chair a bit.

I bought a biography of the fourth Duke of Norfolk, i. e. the guy CE played in Elizabeth. It wasn't that expensive. Just 9 pounds. That’s a pretty fantastic deal for an out of print history book, the average price of which seems to be $30 if you don't care for it that much or $50 and above if you do. Not that I have a very high opinion of this guy since you really can't get any stupider than conspiring behind the Queen's back, getting caught, not getting executed only because for some reason the Queen didn't want to kill you, then going right back into the conspiracy when it was so obvious that you were going to get caught again and this time no excuse was going to keep the axe from your neck. *shakes head* Complete idiocy.

I'm going to go watch something simple now because my brain is mush. And I only wrote 550 words. Which is cool. I'm on schedule. But my brain shouldn't hurt this much.
I still have a couple of things to look at, but thankfully most of it is at another university's library, because both the libraries I have regular access to are going to be closed from 13 July to 7 September. Let's never mind, library people, that we have dissertations due on the 14th of September and that you just screwed over every student who depends on these collections for the bulk of their material. This is why you get head starts. I did my library research before I studied for the exams, which had everyone looking at me weird, but I had to do it since I was coming to PR so soon afterwards. I'm used on not being able to depend on the library. One of them doesn't even open on weekends! Apparently you may request books you need during the interim, but who knows how long it'll take to get it since they're incorporating both libraries' collections, so it's all going to be a mess. And the way you find books is by browsing. So glad I did this already.
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( Jun. 18th, 2009 01:15 am)
3,000 words into the original slash. Yay! I spent fifteen minutes coming up with their names, which is actually a short time for me since I'm always so particular about my people's names. At least I didn't go with Aztec/Mayan words this time.

It has come to my attention that I have to start writing this thesis soon since I am almost done with the sources I can look at here and I have time now, but I don't want to. But if I don't, I will regret it later, because one month of solid essay writing is too damn much.

And what the hell is it with these ridiculous London prices. For day tours in Scotland I found prices from 22 to 39 pounds. In Wales, 40. In London, 69. For essentially the same thing. The. Hell? I hate tourist prices so much.

musings of POTC and Heroes )
Grabbed that from a Milo fansite here. Three hours ago it made me feel irresponsible for slacking off these past few days. Now I just don't care anymore. Except that I do care and it-s annoying me because I really wish I did not care. Compiling notes SUCKS. So fucking hard. I never, ever, ever want to do a thesis ever again. This is driving me insane. And I just started! Ah!!!!!!

I am so traveling around Europe as soon as I get back to London. I am going to need the break after 3 more weeks of this.

Bed now. Need the bed. Or fiction writing, but hah! Hopes of getting above 1000 words a day have been effectively dashed. Oh, my poor fiction.

Woah, is this post soaked in melodrama. To cheer myself up, I'm going to stare at this picture of CE smiling, along with a dash of Milo and Adrian being goofy.
I sat there the last five minutes of the exam grinning cause I was so happy. We went out for celebratory drinks, I tried that pear cider I kept hearing about (delicious, by the way). and got up at 1:30 today. Oh yeah. And I just want to go to bed again and watch Fringe. Though food must be purchased at some point. And I might head out to Portsmouth tomorrow, but I don't know if I have the energy.

Oh! I remember what I wanted to say. There's a PHD student at my uni who looks kinda like CE. I don't know why I didn't realize this until a month ago, but he's got the same brow and nose and sometimes his eyes look blue but I think they're actually green. He's not overwhelmingly CEesque, but there are some features.
Noooooo! And why must you assume that I have patience and thank me for it?!

Okay, I'm not actually that broken up about it. I'm just high with post-exam craziness and 568ml of cider running though my system, though I am so nowhere near drunk since I had some fish and chips and that filled up my stomach, but since I am naturally giggly and do not want to study, I am here. Though I do have to study. And the giggliness had just gone away. Damn.

Why is the internet so slow right now? Oh, great, LJ is being slow. Just when I want to do stuff. Or rather not do stuff. Or maybe it is my connection because other stuff is taking forever, too. And why did a Milo page suddenly appear? Did I click on that?

Still not as cool as Claude.

I am thinking of going to Oxford this weekend, but not sure when. The cheapest day is Saturday, but chances are I might be a bit knackered with the pub outing the night before since it's the last exam ever! So not that great day. I don't understand why ticket prices for the National Rail vary so much from date to date.

I am presently sawing through a poster tube with my very unsharp scissors because it's too long for my big suitcase. And it's really hard. Which is good because I know the posters will be safe, but damn that's murder on my hand. I spent half an hour on it yesterday and didn't even get halfway through. I got it at the Tate Britain, which is a neat, little art museum with a whole gallery dedicated to JMW Turner, one of my favourite painters ever. I might go again later on since they rotate the artwork regularly (and will probably get another poster).

I really want a sewing machine so I can start working on that used jacket I bought. I wonder if mom's still works. It hasn't been used since I was nine, so maybe not. Never mind that I don't actually remember how to use it. If mom could make clothes from scratch, then so can I. Eventually. I really want to design my clothes instead of having to depend on what I find in the shops. I should have taken that free sewing class last year.
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( May. 12th, 2009 02:47 am)
Yesterday I was in such a low mood that I could barely write. Today I am in such a cheerful mood that... I can barely write. Have you ever written something so funny that you can barely type it up because you keep laughing? I don't even know if it truly is that funny or I'm just giddy or if simply writing Claude snark amuses me.

I got stuck reading a novel today. I needed to read some fiction. I couldn't take just studying anymore, but now I can't stop reading it and it's very troublesome.

I am going to the Tate Britain tomorrow. I cannot study any more for the next test. If I read another thing about political parties I'm not going to remember who has what party of what happened where in 1973. The whole thing is driving me batty.
I had to wait two weeks after it came out to watch it because of stupid essays, just like now I have to wait another week to watch Star Trek (who thought I'd be so eager to watch a ST movie) because of stupid exams. Though I could sneak out and watch it anyway, but I am not paying $12.75 to see it here when I can wait till PR and pay $6.50 or even $4 if I catch it on Ladies Wednesday. Which is a week and a half from now. *weeps* So for the moment, I'm going to ignore anything Star Trek related and focus on military regimes (bastards), squabbling party politics, suicidal dictators, and millenarian figures who convinced everyone they were here to bring the new Eden. Or whatever the Andean equivalent was.

Oh, and watching Tru Calling, which is a neat show, so of course they canceled it, though I think the concept could have fitted very nicely in a self-contained season. And I love Eliza Dushku. And the guy who plays her brother is quite hot. Me and pretty boys.

Right. Gotta run and write the fic I did not write yesterday because I got sucked into this novel I should not be reading right now but I could not take it anymore. I was getting burn out, not a good thing 6 days before this nightmare is all over.

It's not even noon yet?! Just how early did I get up today? Yeesh. I don't even want to think about how little sleep I've been getting lately.
Whilst one attempts to delve through the academic literature to acquire the ability to engage debates and theoretical questions in a learned and hopefully distinguished manner, one might experience the encroachment by a style of expression foreign to the comforts of casual and ordinary language, i.e. that which we use to communicate day to day with our fellow man (or woman). This ornate form of speech invades the brain, eclipsing it to freer alternatives until the person finds themselves in at a crossroads in which there are only two options. Either continue in this extravagant show of higher intellectual acumen or let loose in a primal scream and seek one's salvation by fleeing to the safety of alternate expression.

Translation: Too much pompous academic language makes my brain hurt. Why can't all academics write like John Lynch. His language flows. It's correct and engaging and just... flows. Plus, the man's a genius.
Whilst one attempts to delve through the academic literature to acquire the ability to engage debates and theoretical questions in a learned and hopefully distinguished manner, one might experience the encroachment by a style of expression foreign to the comforts of casual and ordinary language, i.e. that which we use to communicate day to day with our fellow man (or woman). This ornate form of speech invades the brain, eclipsing it to freer alternatives until the person finds themselves in at a crossroads in which there are only two options. Either continue in this extravagant show of higher intellectual acumen or let loose in a primal scream and seek one's salvation by fleeing to the safety of alternate expression.

Translation: Too much pompous academic language makes my brain hurt. Why can't all academics write like John Lynch? His language flows. It's correct and engaging and just... flows. Plus, the man's a genius.
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( Apr. 30th, 2009 08:53 pm)
My Democratization professor just changed the time of our revision class to 10:30. I know that probably doesn't sound early at all for most of you, but it means that since I am incapable of falling asleep if I go to bed more than one hour before my usual time, I'm going to miss two hours of sleep, two hours of studying and writing today, be sleepy and completely out of it during the class I'm most lost in and need to pay attention in, except that I'm going to be fantasizing about my bed and Plaude smut, and I'm going to be sleepy the whole day, thus lowering my chances for anything intellectually productive tomorrow and these exams are starting to get just around the corner. Godammit.

I think I might say the hell with it and go to a market tomorrow. If I'm going to be half asleep, I might as well go shopping. It's like drinking, except with shopper's guilt instead of a hangover afterwards, but at least you get shiny things.
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( Apr. 23rd, 2009 08:53 pm)
Physically. My thighs are aching something fierce. Is it all the sitting? The lying on my stomach to read a heavy textbook? Descending the stupid stairs at the library? I bet it's all those things. Like I keep saying, studying too much is not good for your body. Why can't I do the kind of studying that involves getting out and physically doing something? It's so nice outside. The sky hasn't been cloudy for a week, it's actually sunny, and the parks are brimming with people. and here I am, sitting inside with a book in my lap. Though thankfully, due to my stubborn reluctance to do any hardcore studying two weeks before any of the exams, one of those books was a novel. Which I finished today. Which I wasn't supposed to do. But I wanted to. So there. Not that I haven't been studying. I already know more about Chile, Argentina, and Venezuela than I did two days ago. Never mind that this is the stuff that I supposed to know already. The class bored me, okay? I can't help but doze off and think of smut when I'm bored. I think I'm having a better time now because I'm skipping anything remotely theoretical (the prof said theory wouldn't be the focus) plus any other details that we wouldn't even have time to write down in the hour we have per question anyway. So no panic. Panic at this stage would be ridiculous, though I think other people are feeling it, especially since they started revising since god knows when. I got looks of shock when I admitted that I didn't begin myself until this Wednesday. Wait, that was yesterday. I only started yesterday?! Then why the hell am I so tired already? It must be all that photocopying for the thesis. Oh god, this is not good.

Nevertheless, I'll attempt to find solace in one of my favorite Al Swearengen lines: "In life, you have to do a lot of things you don't fuckin want to do. Many times, that's what the fuck life is, one vile, fucking task after another. But don't get aggravated. Then the enemy has you by the short hair."

Oh Deadwood. Out of all the shows that have gotten cancelled on me, that's the one I miss the most.

Three and a half weeks before I head back home (PR). I might be a little less incredibly eager if I had time to travel around here a bit now, but exams aren't the type of thing that'd cheer me up. I wrote yesterday. More than I've written in a month. That helped. It's not smut, sadly enough. It's odd. I want to write smut, yet the muse doesn't seem interested.

New Milo pics, though. It looks like season 1 hair, too. Good stuff. The icon I'm using is from one of them.

I think I'll go to the Tate Britain this weekend. I need to do something that doesn't involve the library.
I've already got three of them (actually, I think it's more) but people keep dragging me into these things. I am now part of something called LinkedIn, which feels weird since it's a professional networking site and I don't have a job. The cousin who invited me does have a job and what you might call a career, but why she felt the need to include me here, who knows. Oh well. I will need a career soon enough, anyway, and as long as it's free, I don't care. But it's kinda weird when the setting keep asking me if I want to receive requests for references for coworkers and I've never had coworkers. Not unless you count my course mates who I've suffered essays with. Doesn't count, huh?

I finally started catching up with Heroes. I'm just missing 1961 and I'm done until tonight's episode. I'm liking it so far, but Danko really, really made me want to throw something. And Matt keeps doing stupid stuff. Again. and I feel really shallow, but damn Peter's hot. It's a little distracting. But at least he's learned not to trust his family. Which is sad, but considering the family...

I saw people today! And spoke to them! It's the first conversation I've had since I've been back. I can't believe I actually miss classes. I need to go to the library more often. That's the only time my classmates see each other anymore. :(
I hate the cost of transport in this country. At some point back there on the National Rail website, I found a round trip to York for 29 pounds, and now I can't find it again. Everything is 60 something or other. Crap, crap, crap! I just want to get on a train at the crack of dawn and get on the last train back so I don't have to spend for a hotel but still get the whole day. These tours... they don't give you the whole day. It's like 6 hours and that's it. And I like planning my own day, thank you. And not being part of a group that doesn't consist of my cousins. I don't do well by myself with a group of strangers. Although I'm going to have to go on some in continental Europe just to make my life easier. I just want to get on a train and go somewhere. I've lived here for a year and I still haven't gotten out of this city. Where did I go for my big trip? Mexico. *head desk* Which I wanted to go to, but it's screwed up. Seeing as how it's across the ocean. When I still haven't traveled on this side of the ocean. Except Ireland. Five years ago.

On other sad news, I have yet to watch the new episodes of Heroes. I'm not sure why. I've watched Reaper. But Heroes I seem to be avoiding. I'll watch them today, but I do feel like I'm forcing myself. I don't get it. This is completely unprecedented. I suspect the novel has something to do with it.

I've finally started working again, though I wouldn't call it studying since I'm only skimming over books to determine what to take copies of to take to PR so I can work on the dissertation. Actual exam studying is still to come. If I can only get myself out of the travel websites.
Went to bed at 3, an hour past my bedtime, woke up at 8:30 and knew I wasn't going to fall back to sleep. Yet I don't feel sleepy, just tired. And even though I feel tired, I have this weird energy.

I had a presentation today and managed to not have my heart thumping the whole time. I skipped half the stuff I was going to say, like I always do, but I had my personal experience to fall back on, so it was cool. It always gives you an extra cred to talk about elections you actually witness versus just read about in a book (the 2000 Mexican elections, by the way).

Maybe it was becuase I was so brain dead this morning (still am, kinda), but when I saw the new Milo picture with his tiny, tiny hair (though it is longer in the front than in the back, but of course, that has to be one of the new fads that I don't like. And I know it's just me, but the shape of his face looks different. What is it about hair that changes my whole perception of people's faces? I do not understand myself). Anyway, that was followed by the Zachary Quinto GQ pictures. The first thought that flashed in my mind was, "Hair!" I've always found him hot anyway though I'm not a fangirl, but there was so much sheer joy in that thought. I crack myself up so much sometimes.

Watchmen today. *bounces* It will be the first time 've gone to the movies here ever. The student discount price at the nearest theatre is 8.50. *cries* The further away theatres are 10.50. *cries some more* I don't know what I'm going to do when the summer blockbuster come around. I'm seriously considering going back home after the degree just because everything is so expensive. There's no rent or internet to pay at my grandparents' house.
Que calor hace, dios mio! Translation: OMG, it's so extremely warm outside I can't believe it! It's so sunny outside, actually it's to sunny since my desk faces the window and now I can't get away from it, but the window is open. I actually opened the window for the first time here ever and suddenly there are all these people in the parks sitting all over the grass and I can't even wear my long, leather jacket today because it's stifling. Wow.

In less incoherent news, I finally handed in the last three essays ever! No more essays! except for the dissertation But no more essays! *does happy dance of the mentally drained* Every part of my body hurts. My hips, my knees, my shins, my ankles. I can barely sit in this chair anymore. Essay writing is not healthy.
Why, despite a week of reading up on Mexican politics, do I feel as if I know nothing? I have random ideas shooting off in my head, but the details have faded away, dates and elections all confused and I don't know which way's up. I miss writing about the Mexican Revolution. I can't believe I just wrote that. But it's easier than this! *grumble* stupid politics and it's tiny details and it's numbers*grumble* And why did does the professor have to specialize on Mexico? The man probably knows every last little corner about the subject I'm doing! Ah!

This is going to suck. Screw it. I just want to pass. That's it. Never mind that I just spent an hour writing one hundred words. *head desk* I could have written 1,000 words of fic in that time.

I actually keep looking at the clock, asking myself if I can go to bed now just to avoid this thing. No, honey, you cannot go to bed at 8:15. I haven't even been up 12 hours yet!


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