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( Mar. 3rd, 2012 01:59 pm)
I can officially say I finished the first draft of my Monroe/Roddy epic. It's 37,786 words long, but I'm going to need to add a couple of things, so the final word count is probably going to be somewhere in the low 40,000s range. Not bad for a fic that wasn't supposed to be more than 10,000 words long. *face palm* Oh, long fics. I love you too much.

Now I'm all angsted out. It happens every once in a while. I'll write and read too much angst, then I'll need emergency doses of silly/fluff/lighthearted stuff before I can relax and start torturing my characters again. So my other angsty fics are going to have to be put on hold until I can write something silly. Or porny. Porny and silly?

On a weather note: Why am I complaining that it's "only" 31° with light snow on March 3rd? Last year, we were all celebrating the balmy weather when the temperature got this high. Now it feels chilly. This winter was only two weeks long. It's too much madness. Not that I'm complaining! *hails weather gods*
Because, I'm going up to Chicago, I don't care what the weather does. Although it's supposed to be much lighter snow than today, so it should be okay. Besides, people here go out no matter how much snow is blowing around. At least I'll be taking the train, not driving. I'm going to my first fandom meetup. *bounces with excitement*

It has been nasty today, though. The snow plows have been making their rounds all day. Still, it could be worse. The weatherman mentioned that if this were the third snowstorm of the season instead of the first, we wouldn't be making a big deal out of it, and it's true. I've driven in stuff like this when I didn't have to. It's a little nutty when I think about it.

Meanwhile, I'm flailing everywhere because there's finally a new Grimm episode tomorrow. And I saw a promo pic for Of Mouse and Man that is driving me even crazier. Darn you, show! You're too addictive.
It's 40°F and sunny. In January. It is actually sunny in January without snow being on the ground. All we've seen of snow is a couple of sprinklings and that's it. Tomorrow the high is 46°. I know it's all going to go the way of Dante's Hell eventually, but just having this amount of beautiful warmth up to this point makes this the best IL winter ever. I even turned the heater down. *runs off to bask in the sunlight*

Also, I'm officially doomed to write longer stories than I want to handle. The first chapter of my newest fic is 9,000 words long. Honestly, Surrender with its 24,000 words didn't feel overly long to me compared to the original novel work I've been doing, but now it feels a bit smaller. Why must I keep writing monsters?
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( Oct. 9th, 2009 04:16 pm)
It's cloudy, rainy, not too blustery, and the temperature is going to drop to 35 tonight. No, I am not being sarcastic. I actually love rainy days, even when I'm outside. Sunlight I don't get along with, especially in the tropics where I end up roasted like a tomato. Rainy weather is also excellent atmosphere for writing, I feel. When it's sunny, I keep feeling that I should be outside physically doing something, which I really do need to do.

Why did Gmail send an LJ notification to the Spam folder? I've opened hundreds of them, but suddenly, it decides that it's spam. I'll never understand software.

I really need the internet in my room. Every time I'm on the computer in the living, I get into a fight with someone. My grandfather has got into his head that I'm a computer expert because I know the most basic possible and he doesn't know much more than turning the computer on and looking up the news online. I did not study computers, I will not study computers, I refuse to have anything to with anything outside of my own needs. I will not do it. I have too many things to do. My dad never pressured me into learning anything.

*sigh* Now I feel tired. You know, the humanities used to be pinnacle of learning. Now no one respects us. We're behind the times, bla bla bla. I still prefer dealing with words than anything else in the whole world.
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( Sep. 28th, 2009 03:19 pm)
I was all set to write last night when suddenly I hear the tv in the living room star doing that alarm sound and announcing rotation in some cloud. My town wasn't mentioned, but no less than a minute later, the real alarm went off and I went into full panic mode, which included me walking on my injured foot, because if I have to run, I'm doing it. That was not fun. I felt like someone was tazering me. The alarm only lasted for a minute, though, but my cousin and I spent the next three hours watching the sky and the radar online, because we're obsessive weather geeks that way. God, these things scare me. My grandfather was all ready to carry downstairs, but my cousin said, rightly, "If there's a tornado coming, she's going to be down there before any of us."

I got major burnout yesterday. And I got four more history books today. *sigh* Need to read fiction. *eyes Christopher Moore novel on the table* Or perhaps I might get some fanfic in if my hips aren't too tired of this chair. Maybe.


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