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([personal profile] guanin Apr. 13th, 2010 11:04 pm)
And following the new novel I mentioned last time, let's add a short story to the mix, spawned by said novel. Which, of course, has spawned another short. *flails*

I'm glad my muse is back, though. She was being so recalcitrant.

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Yay, muses coming back! Mine likes to screw with me. I'm only inspired when I don't have time to write, and when I do...yeah. But at least you're writing!

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It is wonderful after days of 'eh'. I have that problem, too. When there's something else that I absolutely must do, a thousand bunnies hit me all at once and they are all smutty. The driest academic subject will spawn porny situations. Our minds hate us. They're all upside down.

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Well at least you're writing again. I'm glad for that. :)

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I mean, I had been writing before, but a script is an entirely different animal (and I'm still working on that one and this latest short is also a script, bringing the amount of stories I'm working on at once to 4, which is insane). Scripts are missing so many elements. I got back to my normal stuff and almost forgot how to write descriptions! It's terrible. And it's not slashy at all, unlike these new ones. Ah, slash. I missed you.


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