They finally gave us a link to a website where we can check how much we've uploaded/downloaded in the week and since Monday I've used the grand total of 16.8%. And I've been downloading mixes and looking at pictures, plus I just spoke with my family for two hours on Sype. I can finally breathe. Now if only this damn essay would go away. Shoo. Oh, well. At least it's straightforward, unlike the last one which had me freaking out over the insanity of it all. What's even more insane? I want to make it my specialty. *head desk* Well, I did have fun for most of it, but sometimes...

I'm starting to ramble. Right. The cold seems to want to start the coughing part, but I'm not sure. It'd been pretty much gone for the past two days, then last night the nose starting being a bitch again. Meanwhile all I want to do is make icons. Especially of David. And CE.

Yeah, definitely coughing now. Aw hell.
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( Nov. 9th, 2008 06:20 pm)
I was avoiding work and said, "what the hell". Twitter link


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