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( Mar. 8th, 2012 10:30 am)
Exactly what is so difficult about sticking to a single spelling for Nick's surname, because NBC certainly can't manage it. When I checked the spelling (a couple of times, too) on their website way back when, it was spelled Burckhardt. Now it says Burkhardt. Really? Don't even they know how it's spelled? I'm not going back and changing in it my fics. That would take too long and I have other things to do. And who knows? Maybe it will go back to being Burckhart tomorrow.

Also, is Nick's almost uncle Farley's (the Steinadler) last name Colt or Holt? I'm hearing Colt every time they say his name, but the website says Holt. If I were the only one hearing this, I'd blame my hearing problem, but other people on the kinkmeme hear Colt, too.

*drops head into hands* Character names should not be this confusing.


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