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3,000 words into the original slash. Yay! I spent fifteen minutes coming up with their names, which is actually a short time for me since I'm always so particular about my people's names. At least I didn't go with Aztec/Mayan words this time.

It has come to my attention that I have to start writing this thesis soon since I am almost done with the sources I can look at here and I have time now, but I don't want to. But if I don't, I will regret it later, because one month of solid essay writing is too damn much.

And what the hell is it with these ridiculous London prices. For day tours in Scotland I found prices from 22 to 39 pounds. In Wales, 40. In London, 69. For essentially the same thing. The. Hell? I hate tourist prices so much.

I was just watching the third POTC movie and noticed that it-s incredibly similar to Heroes in constitution yet manages to make me react in exactly opposite ways. They're both oftentimes incoherent, contradictory, full of plot holes the size of that storm on Jupiter, with characters jumping out of the woodwork, main characters acting in formerly uncharacteristic ways, and general wtf weirdness, yet in Heroes it bugs the hell out of me while in POTC I can't stop laughing at the silliness. I think that's the reason right there. POTC is supposed to be silly, while Heroes isn't, yet they're both cracky. Only POTC is the kind of fun crack I like. Then again maybe it's because POTC is about sea pirates in the 18th century, which is my favorite decade in maritime history and tall ships are so pretty.

And have I mentioned the swords of destiny and the favorite character who died too early in a stupid way who I loved to bits and pieces?

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OK, the words "original slash" and "Aztec/Mayan words" jumped up at me and while of course I have absolutely no idea of what you're writing (but it kinda sounds nice), I have to ask: have you ever read a fantasy series called The Stone Dance of the Chameleon? Because now I think you might like it. I love it so much, that's how I picked my username (OK, OK, all the five others I tried first were taken).

I wrote a little about it here:

Also: London prices :-( I adore London, but even with the pound's value going down against the euro, it's highway robbery. It especially annoys me that you pay fortunes for crappy plastic meals.

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The Aztecs are what might be considered my historical specialty, so I like to throw religious symbolism out there even if no one knows what I'm talking about. I haven't done it in a while, though. Anyway, I'm not including any references here. This is a random bunny that popped into my head after seeing that famous Milo Gamer picture, only I replaced the woman with Christopher Eccleston following a discussion over on [ profile] peterandclaude. I don't know what I'm doing with it yet, other than the CE character is a lonely space captain and the Milo character is a club dancer.

That series sounds neat. *adds to the to read list* After I finish this thesis, I'll finally be able to take less than a month to read one novel.

It is robbery. And it's just London because omg, it's London, as everyone English person I know who isn't from London points out.

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Oh! I'm really curious about your bunny now. Happy writing :-)

And about the books, do check them out. The third and last just came out, after what felt like a million year wait, because the writer had all sorts of bad luck (even his house burned down, although the manuscript was saved). I'm so dying to get my hands on it, I ordered the hardcover from Amazon instead of waiting for the translation to be published over here.


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