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([personal profile] guanin Aug. 10th, 2009 03:51 pm)
I read an odd thing once in a writing manual. It was something about needing to let your characters be wrong once in a while. No need to worry about that on my part. I disagree with my characters all the time. My hands always still when I'm about to write a particularly off thought of theirs, but write it. Else writing Adam would have been impossible. There was also another section about not babysitting your characters. Apparently some people love their characters so much that they can't bear to see them hurt and will not write them hurt. Once again, I stared and shook my head because while I have much more fun and even prefer to write my guys all happy and smiling, for some reason the angst takes over my brain and I wind up with tears and trauma. Funny how the mind works.

We had the birthdays yesterday. My cousin, my dad, and me, plus my niece and nephew who tagged along in the picture, but they get theirs celebrated separately for some reason. Though I haven't heard anything about a party for Andres, whose birthday is this week. Not that anyone tells me anything. We have the worst communication problems in this family. I don't know how anything gets done. I'm afraid I made a bit of a fool of myself with the kids yesterday. I was in the midst of an attack of depression, so in no mental state to deal with children. I need to have full toleration mode for that. Or for the kid to be my niece Ortensia (guess why the "H" was removed from the front of her name). Her I get along with just fine. Okay, so she's older now, but she was never loud. No shrieky screaming. That helps a lot. And I've had intelligent conversations with her. When she was nine. She's great. I wish she and her mum didn't live so far away. Her mum (my cuz) is the one I have to talk to about this future career of mine that I have no idea how I'm going to do. I need to do that soon.
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