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( Jan. 2nd, 2012 09:07 pm)
I was watching a cute show about cats and shows to cheer myself up and going "aww" a lot, when suddenly one of the sweet dogs died of cancer. Oh c'mon! That's too sad. Then I remembered my dog nephew dying of cancer and it all went downhill. Needless to say, I'm currently watching The Big Bang Theory. So much better.

I've noticed that I can't handle watching or hearing extreme awkwardness, yet I love writing it. It's a little odd. Then again, the awkwardness is often angst-related and I love writing angst too much for my own good. Hence my now working on an angst fest that's even longer than the last one. I will never learn.

I watched most of the episode of Sherlock (the 72 minutes were up and then writing imposed upon me) and now I'm putting Sherlock fic in my Sony Reader. Darn it. I hoped I wouldn't do that. I really do not have time write and, and yet... Maybe I will get the creative juices flowing. Yep. I'm sticking with that.
Food-wise, at least. My grandmother made arroz con leche last night, which is sweet rice goodness with cinnamon on top. Then today, she made turkey and potato tacos, rice with tomato sauce, lentils, and now she's making fish. Mmm. I shall try not to inhale all the arrow con leche and the lentils like last time, but it might be a close call.

I've finally managed to calm down about the The Hobbit trailer being out after two days of bouncing around everywhere, but OMG Galadriel! OMG Thorin! OMG Bilbo! OMG Gandalf! OMG we're going to have Middle Earth Christmas again! OMG!!!

Alright, maybe I haven't calmed down that much. The thing is, Tolkienverse was my first huge obsession and fandom. It's what dragged me from writing one short story a year because I didn't think I was any good to becoming a regular writer. I'd read The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings in 8th grade, but after FOTR came out, I read every single book there was, as well as spent a disgusting amount of money on merchandise. My Witchking sword is still hanging in the living room. My grandfather is quite proud of it now. I've missed the fandom these last few years. The fact that the wonderful Martin Freeman is Bilbo makes it so much sweeter.

Also, I have a Dreamwidth account, if anyone is interested, though at the moment I'm only using it for the Grimm kinkmeme. Kinkmemes are first priority, you know?
It turns out that a girl I've known for two years, though so far she's basically been a friend of a friend, is my cousin. I mentioned how I went to see my family in the center of the island this week, and she said, "My family is from there." Then I told her my mother's surname and it turns out that's her mother's surname. So we called our families and yep. We're related. Wow.

What else? I didn't like Captain America. Cowboys and Aliens is probably crap, yet I still want to see it (not at regular price, though). Oh, I went to see my family in the center of the island this week in the old family homeland, which I haven't been to since I was little. I'm writing a really angsty fic and can't wait to finish the first draft so I can take a breather by writing another angsty fic, though this one has actual happy moments. At least, I hope it has happy moments. I'm planning moments, but these two seem to be allergic to happy moments, but I need to write happy moments. Why can't I get happy bunnies? Why?! I'm also trying not to crack up, but that's a whole other problem altogether.

ETA: I'm also spending way too much time on Tumblr. Earlier, I was listening to Craig Ferguson while looking at Azazel/Riptide fanart, and browsing through Erik/Charles gifts and fics. At the same time.
1. I went to bed at 4am for the first time since forever.

2. I managed not to collapse throughout the day despite only getting 4 1/2 hours of sleep.

3. I cut two branches that were hanging really low over the street.

4. I wrote a ficlet, again, for the first time since forever. And it's a happy ficlet. No angst anywhere.


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