I haven't done that since... Well, I don't think I've done one ever. I'm so disorganized. It's amazing how writing my ideas down has calmed me down about the whole thing, instead of having them run wild in my head driving me insane. Why had I never done this before?

Watched The Duchess today, which made me sad and reminded me of my novel. Why must I always go for the angst?

I started revising one of my Plaude fics last night, but images of Milo from the latest Heroes ep kept distracting me and taking me to my happy place. It's not my fault! I'm weak! He's pretty! What's a poor girl to do?

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Outlines are good, perfect for working out when you want what to happen. It keeps you focused to while you work too, like stepping stones.

Oh god, The Duchess. Leaving that movie, I've never been more depressed and misandristic in my whole life.

Well, I assume you mean Plaude, so I'm confused. Wouldn't pretty Peter make you want to write more?

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It's pretty rambly at the moment since I still need to figure out the secondary characters, but it's good to set down my initiaql idea. It's satisfying to see that it's an actual story and ot just random stuff.

House of Sand and Fog is worse. I came out depressive. Ever since then, I can't look at Jennifer Connelly without feeling like hell.

It does, but what actually happens is that it gets images running through my head instead of getting me actually writing. See, the thing is, I tend to brainstorm while I'm writing and I have to keep reminding myself to focus and work on what's in front of me. So while it's initially inspirational, it's not so much while I'm actually working. I also have concentration problems, which don't help.

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Good for you! :) I know exactly what you mean. Ever since I started writing in a journal each morning & night it's been so much better.

Hehe, I'm sure that's a common problem. Especially when he's in his paramedic uniform :P

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For the past two days, I've had all these ideas running in my head. It's nice to set them down and see a picture begin to form.

Oh, yes. Mmmm. How am I supposed to not distracted by that?


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