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([personal profile] guanin May. 22nd, 2010 05:50 pm)
I can either write about vampires and ghosts and ancient Aztec creatures or write heartwrenching tragedy. I've been avoiding the heartwrenching tragedy since I got my new vampire idea during the cold induced trance and I had to write it down, but really, it's just an excuse. I'm avoiding it right now. And I'm so close to finishing the first draft of this screenplay. Just a little more and it's done (except for those million other drafts). But it's just so tragic! Do you guys avoid writing the really sad scenes? Every time, my soul is screaming a quiet "Nooo!" but I have to do it. Otherwise, there's no story. Okay, I suppose it's not King Lear tragic (now that is mega tragic).

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I like coming up with really tragic stories in my head but actually writing them down does very little for me. Mostly because it just makes other people sad and that's a downer. I really do like coming up with angsty situations though.

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Me, too. It's so easy in my head. It just happens. But writing it down is so sad. There are so many stories I never finished because the angst grew to ridiculous proportions.

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Yeah. It's good, though; why should we make everyone else sad with our own angsty thoughts? Best keep that to ourselves.


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