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([personal profile] guanin Jan. 17th, 2009 06:05 pm)
I got three Plaude fics nominated for the Heroes Slash Awards! *runs around the room in an excited circle* Including Best Claude Characterization for Cold Night, which is the one I was so worried about. Thanks so much to whoever nominated me! You guys rock!

Full list:

Best Claude Characterization in A Fic : Cold Night
Best Claude/Peter Fic (G-PG13) : Slow Morning
Best Claude/Peter Fic (R-NC17) : The Futility of Denial
Best Adam(Kensei)/Hiro Fic (R-NC17) : Avatar
Best Adam(Kensei) Characterization in A Fic: Dust To Dust

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Congratulations! I very much hope Dust to Dust wins, it's really excellent.

From: [identity profile]

Thank you! I really need to continue that one, don't I? But the Plaude ate my brain and hasn't given it back.

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Heh, yeah, Plaude ate my brain once. Almost two years ago now. But I do hope you get a bit further on Dust to Dust- I really want to see Adam's reaction to Hiro restoring him from dust in a jar.

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The weird thing is that I've been a Plaude fan since the beginning but until about a month ago, only got three bunnies. Three! and one was a super angsty thing that I never wrote down. Then suddenly after Peter got back in character this season, it exploded. Now I can't stop (nor do I want to).

I do have a tad more written and I skipped ahead to that part because I couldn't wait, but I have to sit down and think about where the story's going. That's such a problem with me. I tend to improvise a lot.

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Hunh, that's interesting. Wonder what specifically triggered your muse...

Yeah, working out a solid timeline helped me a whole bunch with Off the Reservation. I don't know how complicated Dust to Dust is, but maybe that would help organize what you want to write.

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I have no idea. Maybe pure joy at seeing Peter back in character? I missed him so much.

I'm hoping it won't get to complicated. I'm deep into a Plaude epic at the moment (28 pages so far and that's only the beginning), plus a bunch of miscellaneous short fics that I keep promising to people. And I need to catch up on my fic reading. I will get to Off the Reservation eventually, I just don't know when.

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Heh, that certainly could do it..

Hoo boy, well, good luck with all that. Twenty-eight pages to start with.. dang. Oh, don't worry about Off the Reservation, it's not going anywhere.


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