I'm two-thirds through a really depressing scene. I must finish this scene. But it's depressing! And I don't want to do depressing right now. My head is also this close from smashing against the keyboard because I am so sleepy. I've been yawning for hours now. Meanwhile I keep overanalyzing the latest Divide Social Club pictures trying to cling to some glimmer of hope that maybe Milo's hair isn't as dreadfully short as last time. But I'm probably fooling myself. Though I swear I see a partition in the second picture.

God, I need to sleep.

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Oh no, depressing? What kind of depressing? The kind that gets leads to happiness later? And cuddling?

As for Milo's hair: yes, it is shorter. But! But by the time the next season rolls around, I'll bet it'll have grown out again. So don't despair!

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It's the part where Claude finally reveals all the "Noah tried to kill me" business. So pretty depressing. But Peter provides plenty of cuddling to make him feel better.

*sigh* How much does hair grow in two months? I don't think it'll be enough. Why must I have such an irrational attachment to hair?

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Aww, well that's sweet and perfect.

I think you'd be surprised; with guys, especially, even a little bit of hair growth looks very different. I'm pretty sure going out last season his hair was really short, and by the time he came back for this season it had gotten long again. I'm sure it'll be fine.

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Peter's is such a good boyfriend. Exactly what Claude needs.

That is true. Just an inch of length makes a huge difference for me. But it still wouldn't be Peter long. There was a huge break between season 2 and 3 because of the strike. The only mode of comparison I can think of is one of my friends who cut his hair two months ago. I don't think it's grown more than an inch, though he looks so much better now. Not that doesn't usually, but short, short doesn't suit him. But that's probably just me.

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He really is. As long as you love him, he'll love you back and give you all he can.

Oh, grr, you're right about the really long break between S2 and S3. But still, you'd think if they were going for any kind of continuity they'd probably make sure he could grow it out again. It's not like Peter's going to dip off and have his hair cut in the middle of whatever crisis situation they leave the season off on.

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I hope they don't end up giving him a wig like with Hayden. I want it to be his hair. But it really wouldn't make any sense for Peter to just go off randomly cutting his hair. Because obviously Peter likes it long. *shakes fist at Elle*

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Clearly. I really liked the length it's at now, in the show. It's still long and floppy but not to the degree of indulgence that it is in S1. I liked it then, back in S1, but it doesn't fit where he is now. And the S2 hair was awful. I hate it short. Not on all guys, but with Milo/Peter, it just looks...not great.

Although yes, there should be no wigs. Wigs on Heroes are always ridiculous.

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Yeah, the S 1 hair is a symbol of his former innocence, in a way. I can handle short on some guys as long as it's not a crew cut (except CE for some reason, but then he is CE), but Milo just looks off with it. Too fierce, somehow.

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It very much is, his innocence and his personality as the kind of dreamy kid full of hope. In S2 he lost his personality all together. Now he's gotten it back, sort of, or at least his idealism. CE looks gorgeous just about always (except for with hair long enough for a ponytail; that's a no), but the shaved head I don't love as much as the short-ish. Milo's face just isn't the right shape for short hair, I don't know.

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In S2 he lost his personality all together,/i>

OMG, It was the lack of hair. He's like Samson. Without hair, he's no one! That's why Elle was so keen on cutting it. I knew there was a reason. Yeah, the long long hair on CE is not so great. But he's the one guy ever where a crew cut doesn't bother me. Weird.

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Bwah! Well now we've solved that mystery. And hey, that's why they always cut people's hair once they end up in the Company jail! It keeps them weak! It's not the pills after all! And now it all makes sense!


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