Despite all common sense, I have begun yet another story that will soon inevitably become a novel. My justification: it's straight original slash with no het or funky gender issues, it's set now, not 400 years ago, and has werewolves, which makes it a much easier sell than anything else I have so far. And for extra fun (and partly because of), I'm imagining one of the boys (human) as Guy Flanagan, who played the first Mitchell on Being Human, and the other as Santiago Cabrera. Pretty boys are very inspirational.

I am trying to get Photoshop on my computer. I'm not sure how that's going. The installer window disappeared, a Photoshop folder appeared on my desktop (where I did not want it), but it's not on my start menu. I just hope the free trial doesn't start before I begin using it, which would just be the kind of thing to happen.

Meanwhile I'm Spanish spellchecking for my cousin while he writes a song and screaming at Works for being a bitch. I knew I switched to Word for a reason (other than my dad buying it because I couldn't afford it). Although I always save rtf files, never doc, because those hate me and keep becoming Read Only for no reason.

And I just looked up at a wall that I have been seeing my entire life and that has not been redecorated since who knows when and saw a picture I don't recall ever seen before. Weird.
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( Nov. 25th, 2009 10:42 pm)
Every day my cousin asks me what I did during the day, and it's always the same thing. I wake up way too late, write, watch shows, read, stay in my box all day. Such an exciting life.

I opted to watch V today on Hulu on my own time rather than interrupt my writing yesterday. So responsible of me. It still freaks me out how much Elizabeth Mitchell and Carrie-Anne Moss look alike. They have the same face! It's like they're sisters.

My computers seems to have forgotten that a printer I installed exists. The CD-ROM claims that it is installed. It has simply vanished from the system. This is so irritating, yet unsurprising. Maybe it's jealous because I want to buy one of those sleek, light netbooks and it's trying to get back at me. Sorry honey, you may be a laptop, but 8 pounds of weight is so not portable.
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( Sep. 29th, 2008 01:19 am)
Finally. someone told me how to restart the computer manually and it's so absurdly simple that I really should have thought of it myself. Just take out the battery. Duh. So, the icons and taskbar are back and they better stay back because this is too much stress to handle. Meanwhile, my missing USB is still missing and now I can't find my toothpaste. *bursts into hysterical laughter*


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