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([personal profile] guanin Jul. 14th, 2011 07:50 pm)
A pug followed me into the yard today. We have a fence, but since he was tiny, he slipped right in and started following me around with big, pleading eyes as I parked the car and took up the groceries. I had no idea what to do. Once inside the house, I decided to just ignore him, but he kept loitering around the house for over an hour. He even popped up in the balcony. Usually, it's cats who do that, but those run away from me since they don't know me. I have no idea whose dog it is since people here let their dogs wander everywhere since many people don't have fences (the terrain makes fences tricky for some people). At least it wasn't a horse barging in. We've had that problem, too. That's why we close the fence now.

Later on, we were on the southern edge of a storm for five hours of incessant thunder, non-stop rain that never got above a drizzle, and no wind. Seriously, a storm and no wind. That's just weird. Oh, well. I guess we were in that narrow section where the wind just didn't feel like it.

Meanwhile, I may have sorta put a Heroes reference in an X: First Class fic. A little one. You wouldn't know unless you're looking. And I'm not sure the years add up, yet nevertheless, there it is.

Oh, and I'm writing the main pairing of a fandom. Yes, the main pairing. I don't even know.

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Oh yeah. This is horse country. One of my neighbors right down the hill even has a proper stable. It's not common for them to be left unattended, but it happens sometimes that one will wander off.

I think so. I didn't see him in the yard when I went out five hours later. Maybe the storm drove him back home.


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