Everywhere around me there's people wearing jackets and sweaters and swearing that there's a cold breeze, and that's when I feel that it might be just a bit too warm. The hell? You know, I used to be one of these people. I grew up here. 70 used to be freezing cold. Now it's wonderful.

Meanwhile, my neighbors are having a party at one in the morning. With Reggaeton. Which I don't listening to. While I'm writing angst. And I have to study later. Of course. It'd be easier to deal with if I didn't know that various neighbors are going to keep it up throughout the holidays.

I also just wrote Alternate Reality fic, something which I've never written before and hardly ever read. It's also really depressing. Apparently all the happy stuff I've been writing lately has left me off balance and I needed to write something heartbreaking before continuing with the Plaude sequels. Weird.

ETA: I wrote 1,850 word today. Cool. On the other hand, no studying. Crap.

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It's really, genuinely fucking cold here in Maryland, if that helps. Like seriously.

Yay fic! Not so yay inappropriate music for angst writing! Also no yay on the studying, but hey, you'll get to it...eventually.

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It's freezing everywhere except here. I'm not really complaining about the temperature, which is great, but I find it amusing that so many people look at my bare arms and ask me if I'm not cold. And then they stare when I say "no". Seriously, people, I've been living in London for the past three months. Come on.

Yeah, eventually. Like lots and lots of it tomorrow. I was really meaning to do an hour today, but then I finished writing at 1:30 (the entire fic. Yay) and then I had to eat and now it's bedtime. Rats.

I've been meaning to ask you. Could I possibly steal borrow your idea about Claude coming back to look for Peter before the explosion for the post Volume 3/London fic I'm working on? Cause it's a really good idea and I'm quite in love with it.

From: [identity profile] visiblemarket.livejournal.com

Oh, I know how that can be. We have guests from Mexico fairly often, and they tend to be a bit weird about temperatures as well.

Yay! Well, bedtime is good too. You'll be all fresh for the studying later ;)

You can absolutely have that idea! I love how you guys are so nice about asking when I float things out there for the express purpose of encouraging other people to write the things I don't have time for. It amuses me.

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Yay! I just like to ask, although usually I just take and then announce. But it's such a lovely idea. I wish it were canon.

From: [identity profile] visiblemarket.livejournal.com

Bah. As far as I'm concerned, it is canon. We'll just have to wait till Claude comes back and we have a flashback to that time to know it for sure, but in my heart: totally canon.


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