From Grunny's Twitter: While watching Heroes tonight know that while the wind was swirling around me as the plane was going down, someone's shoe hit me in the face

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He looks so cool! I joined Twitter just to read his posts and see his pics.

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Hee. Now I totally want to watch that again to see if it's on camera.

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I need to watch this ep on my lunch break. I've been browsing through the discussion post and I'm seeing all these Noah/Nathan and Luke/Sylar stuff and using the latter pairing as a substitute to our dear invisible man and it's got mee really curious.

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I'm really pathetically intrigued by the Luke/Sylar stuff. God help me.

Also, I was planning (had even started writing) a long(ish) arc that involved Gabriel, completely randomly, and now may have to shelve because it's...eerily similar to another roadtrip that's about to happen. So darn this show. It's gotten me interested in Sylar for reasons I don't quite understand.

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Oh god, now I know I'm going to get bunnies. I don't have time for bunnies! I'm doing my best to concentrate on the Plaude epic or I'll never finish it, and I am determined to finish an epic for once.

Come to the dark side. We've got brownies.

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Oh I already have bunnies. I'm actually writing a tag to latest episode at this very moment. *laughs* I'm awful.

I refuse! I will say that Luke is turning out to be Sylar's Claude for me. Making him infinitely more interesting although I'm sure I'll go back to hating him presently.


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