What is it with the follower race on Twitter? First JamesProps asks for 2,000 followers in exchange for a Q and A, then wendilynnmakeup (both part of the crew of Heroes, if you hadn't guessed) tried to catch up, and now Grunny and James Kyson Lee are offering free stuff. I'd make some snarky remark about egos, but my brain's a bit tired at the moment. It's all very amusing, though.

From: [identity profile] avaserenity.livejournal.com

I don't know what is going on but once Gunny was on it I was kinda in. I'm a sucker for pimpage. LOL.

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I got on Twitter to follow Grunny, but I love all the tidbits these guys let slip. Milo's on, too, by the way. dividepictures (http://twitter.com/dividepictures) with his partner in the company.

From: [identity profile] avaserenity.livejournal.com

Ohh yeah I know. Gunny always give us some nice little Milo pics too. Talk about pimping you twitter with the right kind of advertising.

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Oh my God, James, lap dances are a mandatory thing! It's like he has learned nothing from Ando and his love of strip clubs. Woe.

And, I haven't a clue what is up with the popularity competition, but I kind of love that they don't even PRETEND not to be completely high school about it.

From: [identity profile] guanin.livejournal.com

I know! Really, man, it's basic.

Oh, it's completely silly, which is nice. These guys are such goofballs.

From: [identity profile] ykoriana.livejournal.com

Milo pics?! I wants! *runs to Twitter* No, seriously... I visit from time to time, but I don't really get Twitter.

From: [identity profile] guanin.livejournal.com

It does seem kinda pointless considering that on LJ we can post however much we want without those annoying words limits, but I find it kinda fun to just post random, momentary thoughts (and it's also a bit of a quick release when I'm cranky about something). I'm really in it for the Q & As of the Heroes guys. JamesProps especially is great at giving us cool stuff.


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