When it comes to swine flu, don't fall prey to pandemic panic

Much better. Not that it reassures me about Mexico itself, but it's pretty much what I needed to hear. Though I'm wondering about those 34,000 dead yearly from the regular flu. I've never even bothered vaccinating for that thing. Which I relaize I hould, but the whole medical/health thing makes me nervous. I think I've got a real anxiety problem about it, I swear.
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( Apr. 30th, 2009 12:45 am)
Amount of studying done today: half a chapter on Venezuela
Amount of fic written: 1,500 words.

I feel both irresponsible and giddy at the same time. And I woudl continue writing, but my eyes need a break from the computer.

The only good thing about this flu thing? It finally has me reading the news. Though I don't like it. Don't the WHO people realize how panic inducing their phrasing is?
So the flu thing is bugging me now, but more because it's bugging everyone else and when people around me start to freak out, I freak out even if I was perfectly calm about it a second ago, like during the last hurricane in PR when my stepmother had a total freakout. Yes, I just got back from Mexico. No, I don’t have the flu. It's been two weeks. The incubation period is far smaller than that. Not that people at uni have been asking about it, thankfully.

But you know what really pisses me off bugs me? That as always with all these illnesses, it's the people in third world countries who are dying while the ones in the first world are recuperating, showing that they can clearly deal with the situation on an acceptable level, but somehow because of red tape, I don't what international bullshit, they don't mobilize and help out the third world nations to get the people the treatment they need to not die Puerto Rico might be full of dengue and the government is always warning against it, but we don't have people routinely dying from it. And when someone does, not only does it make the news, but some irregularity in their health care gets blamed for it. Yet this is a fatal illness in central America. Which I'm still shocked by, though why do I bother by this point?

So not only is my country (and especially the region my family is from) overrun by drug dealers shooting in the streets and threatening people with businesses, kidnappers who don't even care if the person has any money or not, not that it matters because my aunt did not need to have her nephew killed, but now we're ground zero for a potential worldwide epidemic. Great. Oh, and there was an earthquake this morning. Whoop dee fucking doo.

I can't even enjoy the sunshine that just crept through the clouds. I'm too annoyed. I'm just going to talk to dad tonight and let his natural calmness cool me down.

It's 7:42 and I haven't done jack. Shit.


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