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2009-05-30 03:02 am
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Addicted to Twitter. And Plaude

I can't stop getting Twitter. Every five minutes, there I am again tweeting or replying to something. I want a Blackberry. I'm stealing my dad's at the moment, which is lots of fun, but isn't helping me control my addiction.

And the Plaude muse keeps throwing bunnies at me! There are too many! Ah! Also, I am soo behind in reading fics on [ profile] peterandclaude. This makes me sad. Why must there only be 24 hours in a day?

I made plans with a friend to see Star Trek again. Now I just have to call the other friend who was supposed to call me but didn't. He always does that.
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2009-05-28 01:32 am
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There's an hour left before I have to go to bed, I haven't written yet, and as usual I can't concentrate because I keep loitering on the internet. Like now. I've just wasted an hour of my life trying to find out whether this is the real Bret Harrison. What with all the fuss about Milo imitators, I distrust everything. I really the internet had identity cards, except that there'd be no feasible way of managing that, so in the meantime I'm looking over everything with a fine tooth comb. My conclusion: I have no damn clue, though he sounds like a swell guy. I wish Milo had Follow Fan Wednesday.

Writing! Right. Writing must happen.
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2009-03-01 08:49 pm
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Funny happening of the day

What is it with the follower race on Twitter? First JamesProps asks for 2,000 followers in exchange for a Q and A, then wendilynnmakeup (both part of the crew of Heroes, if you hadn't guessed) tried to catch up, and now Grunny and James Kyson Lee are offering free stuff. I'd make some snarky remark about egos, but my brain's a bit tired at the moment. It's all very amusing, though.
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2009-02-10 02:53 am
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Found this amusing

From Grunny's Twitter: itty bitty spoiler. maybe )
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2008-11-09 06:20 pm
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I got Twitter

I was avoiding work and said, "what the hell". Twitter link