Fuck. Some asshole parked their car where they shouldn't again and it's a very sharp incline up to my house, so I went in reverse, like I've done before, but instead of stopping where it always has, the car kept accelerating, the brakes completely useless, and I crashed into the neighbors fence. The rear window is smashed, a tire is dead, as is one of the lights and the bumper is all screwy. I've had two crashes and two semi-crashes in eight years of driving. What. The. Fuck?!

and I was going to go to a get-together with my friends, whom I haven't seen in a while, in only 3 hours. And I now I probably can't go. And my car is all beat to shit. And there is literally no way to get around here without a car, nor is there anyone to give me a ride and my step-mother's presence is pissing me off because she is so judgmental, even though she has no right to be judgmental about this since she refuses to learn how to drive and has no idea what it's like to barrel down an incline in reverse on soaked gravel.

One more month. I'm stuck here for one more month and getting out of the house is the only way I can stay sane and now I have no way to do so.
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( Apr. 24th, 2010 05:52 pm)
Does no one read instructions? On the casting call, I posted the address for the auditions. Yet five different people have asked for the address. One person took five people before she "noticed" it was in Chicago, even though I mentioned the word "Chicago" three times. I can't deal with these people. If I weren't desperate, I wouldn't even bother replying. If this were a paying job, I definitely wouldn't. I do not want to work with the equivalent of high school student who don't put their names on the test.
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( Apr. 18th, 2010 09:06 pm)
I've been depressed since yesterday, my hips hurt from sitting in this chair, I was supposed to go to my instructor's flamenco performance, which I paid for beforehand, but since it's in the fancy part of town every single residential street has a sign that says no parking after 6pm unless you have permit 143. By the time I found a street that didn't say that (though it had other signs, just Mon-Fri), I was half an hour late. I'd traveled so far away by that point that I would have been a full hour late and I couldn't do that. So I lost $17 for the performance and $10 in gas just to drive around.

On the upside, one of my cousins called today and guess who's also taking film courses? Her husband. And guess what he's got. Two video cameras. Movie cameras. Standard Definition, but who cares. There are film contests that require your films in SD. He's looking to buy HD, though I don't know where he even got the money for these, but the point is, he owns video cameras! And he knows editing. I've got to head over to her house this week to talk to him. I've never had a conversation with him. I've only seen him twice maybe. This family needs to visit each other more often.

I'm watching the second season of Doctor Who to cheer myself up. I've got to make sure to write something later, though. No script, no film.

I also have seven confirmed actors for the class. Unfortunately, with this whole thing I haven't had tome to find a scene for me to film. It need to be with two actors, 3 to 5 pages, and from a movie I haven't seen.
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( Feb. 10th, 2010 12:41 am)
Ths drive was horrible. The streets were horrible. The driver in front of me that kept breaking when that is the worst thing you can do other than taking a sharp turn in these conditions was horrible. Snow is a horrible, horrible thing.

On the good side, visibility was great. But everythig else sucked.

And for some backstabbing reason (why do I feel some god laughing at me?), some stupid car commercial just came on with a car driving in the snow saying "I love winter." Yes, the car said it. Because it's mocking me.
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( Dec. 15th, 2009 12:25 pm)
*contructs an HSBC voodoo dull and pummels it into pieces*

*wonders what a doll of a bank would look like*

Never, ever get an account with these people unless you want a ginormous amount of bullshit thrown in your face while they steal your money.

*launches self at voodoo doll again*
When you think crappiness levels can't get any higher, they do. An hour stuck in traffic for no good reason because Best Buy doesn't have even one Samsung netbook when those are the ones I've spent hours looking at. Then I have to crash the car because some idiot keeps parking his truck at the top of a very iffy curve in which you need as much space as possible to make the turn (and is on top of a very steep slope). I smacked the bottom on an extremely sharp driveway (I don't even know how to describe that one) and nothing better be leaking because I need that tomorrow to go to a birthday party of one of the friends who I really need to be in extremely good footing right now and I have no idea what to get her. I've written 600 words in three days because I keep wondering if there's a point at all, got gastritis again last night and apparently really need to destress for the sake of both my mental and physical health, which is impossible because I'm always sin the house (I am not a sedentary person) and I have no career.

In short: my life sucks.
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( Nov. 1st, 2009 07:59 pm)
Why am I feeling jetlag in my own home? I haven't gone anywhere, crossed any time zones. The time zone crossed me. Since I like to enjoy my extra hour of productivity by working (yes, I am weird) instead of sleeping in (did I mention that I'm weird?) because I always feel so guilty about losing that hour, I don't change the clocks until after the time change, so now my biological clock is on the fritz. Not good.

I've concocted almost an entire plot for a myth/legends/fables anthology that I want to submit to. Unfortunately, the deadline is in exactly one month, so I have to hurry up. I'm almost done with another story that fits within the general theme, but unfortunately, it doesn't satisfy they're "happily ever after" requirement. It does have a happy ending, just not that kind. It's got ghosts. And magical candles. And another story I wrote yesterday has the Devil. So I'm going to end up with belated Halloween stories. Like always, I come up with some Halloween idea a tad too late.
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( Oct. 9th, 2009 04:16 pm)
It's cloudy, rainy, not too blustery, and the temperature is going to drop to 35 tonight. No, I am not being sarcastic. I actually love rainy days, even when I'm outside. Sunlight I don't get along with, especially in the tropics where I end up roasted like a tomato. Rainy weather is also excellent atmosphere for writing, I feel. When it's sunny, I keep feeling that I should be outside physically doing something, which I really do need to do.

Why did Gmail send an LJ notification to the Spam folder? I've opened hundreds of them, but suddenly, it decides that it's spam. I'll never understand software.

I really need the internet in my room. Every time I'm on the computer in the living, I get into a fight with someone. My grandfather has got into his head that I'm a computer expert because I know the most basic possible and he doesn't know much more than turning the computer on and looking up the news online. I did not study computers, I will not study computers, I refuse to have anything to with anything outside of my own needs. I will not do it. I have too many things to do. My dad never pressured me into learning anything.

*sigh* Now I feel tired. You know, the humanities used to be pinnacle of learning. Now no one respects us. We're behind the times, bla bla bla. I still prefer dealing with words than anything else in the whole world.
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( Oct. 2nd, 2009 07:49 pm)
I'm sitting in the living room right now half listening to a telenovela playing on tv and I can't help laughing. Oh god, the melodrama! With the over the top music thundering every time someone says, "I don't love you" or "You are going to pay." So why am I getting the urge to start watching these things again? Oh yes, because my cousin (male, by the way) keeps going on about them.

It appears that the modem and the router just don't like each other. It's supposed to work according to my nephew, his girlfriend and another friend, all computer science majors. It just isn't. Great.

I just bought another m/m novel. I am so disappointed in myself. I said I was under no circumstances going to buy any more novels until I made a dent into my unread novels pile all I need is to read some slash and all my discipline goes flying out the window. In my defensa, it was only five dollars.

Is it Monday yet? It's so nice to be able to safely look forward to Heroes again. Now watch. Because I said that, the next episode is going to suck.
I still have a couple of things to look at, but thankfully most of it is at another university's library, because both the libraries I have regular access to are going to be closed from 13 July to 7 September. Let's never mind, library people, that we have dissertations due on the 14th of September and that you just screwed over every student who depends on these collections for the bulk of their material. This is why you get head starts. I did my library research before I studied for the exams, which had everyone looking at me weird, but I had to do it since I was coming to PR so soon afterwards. I'm used on not being able to depend on the library. One of them doesn't even open on weekends! Apparently you may request books you need during the interim, but who knows how long it'll take to get it since they're incorporating both libraries' collections, so it's all going to be a mess. And the way you find books is by browsing. So glad I did this already.


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