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2011-07-31 09:12 pm
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I have family everywhere

It turns out that a girl I've known for two years, though so far she's basically been a friend of a friend, is my cousin. I mentioned how I went to see my family in the center of the island this week, and she said, "My family is from there." Then I told her my mother's surname and it turns out that's her mother's surname. So we called our families and yep. We're related. Wow.

What else? I didn't like Captain America. Cowboys and Aliens is probably crap, yet I still want to see it (not at regular price, though). Oh, I went to see my family in the center of the island this week in the old family homeland, which I haven't been to since I was little. I'm writing a really angsty fic and can't wait to finish the first draft so I can take a breather by writing another angsty fic, though this one has actual happy moments. At least, I hope it has happy moments. I'm planning moments, but these two seem to be allergic to happy moments, but I need to write happy moments. Why can't I get happy bunnies? Why?! I'm also trying not to crack up, but that's a whole other problem altogether.

ETA: I'm also spending way too much time on Tumblr. Earlier, I was listening to Craig Ferguson while looking at Azazel/Riptide fanart, and browsing through Erik/Charles gifts and fics. At the same time.
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2011-07-14 07:50 pm
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Weird Day

A pug followed me into the yard today. We have a fence, but since he was tiny, he slipped right in and started following me around with big, pleading eyes as I parked the car and took up the groceries. I had no idea what to do. Once inside the house, I decided to just ignore him, but he kept loitering around the house for over an hour. He even popped up in the balcony. Usually, it's cats who do that, but those run away from me since they don't know me. I have no idea whose dog it is since people here let their dogs wander everywhere since many people don't have fences (the terrain makes fences tricky for some people). At least it wasn't a horse barging in. We've had that problem, too. That's why we close the fence now.

Later on, we were on the southern edge of a storm for five hours of incessant thunder, non-stop rain that never got above a drizzle, and no wind. Seriously, a storm and no wind. That's just weird. Oh, well. I guess we were in that narrow section where the wind just didn't feel like it.

Meanwhile, I may have sorta put a Heroes reference in an X: First Class fic. A little one. You wouldn't know unless you're looking. And I'm not sure the years add up, yet nevertheless, there it is.

Oh, and I'm writing the main pairing of a fandom. Yes, the main pairing. I don't even know.
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2010-05-22 05:50 pm
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A choice

I can either write about vampires and ghosts and ancient Aztec creatures or write heartwrenching tragedy. I've been avoiding the heartwrenching tragedy since I got my new vampire idea during the cold induced trance and I had to write it down, but really, it's just an excuse. I'm avoiding it right now. And I'm so close to finishing the first draft of this screenplay. Just a little more and it's done (except for those million other drafts). But it's just so tragic! Do you guys avoid writing the really sad scenes? Every time, my soul is screaming a quiet "Nooo!" but I have to do it. Otherwise, there's no story. Okay, I suppose it's not King Lear tragic (now that is mega tragic).
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2010-04-13 11:04 pm
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And following the new novel I mentioned last time, let's add a short story to the mix, spawned by said novel. Which, of course, has spawned another short. *flails*

I'm glad my muse is back, though. She was being so recalcitrant.
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2010-04-12 12:30 am
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Clearly, I don't know what's best for me

Despite all common sense, I have begun yet another story that will soon inevitably become a novel. My justification: it's straight original slash with no het or funky gender issues, it's set now, not 400 years ago, and has werewolves, which makes it a much easier sell than anything else I have so far. And for extra fun (and partly because of), I'm imagining one of the boys (human) as Guy Flanagan, who played the first Mitchell on Being Human, and the other as Santiago Cabrera. Pretty boys are very inspirational.

I am trying to get Photoshop on my computer. I'm not sure how that's going. The installer window disappeared, a Photoshop folder appeared on my desktop (where I did not want it), but it's not on my start menu. I just hope the free trial doesn't start before I begin using it, which would just be the kind of thing to happen.

Meanwhile I'm Spanish spellchecking for my cousin while he writes a song and screaming at Works for being a bitch. I knew I switched to Word for a reason (other than my dad buying it because I couldn't afford it). Although I always save rtf files, never doc, because those hate me and keep becoming Read Only for no reason.

And I just looked up at a wall that I have been seeing my entire life and that has not been redecorated since who knows when and saw a picture I don't recall ever seen before. Weird.
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2009-08-10 03:51 pm
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I read an odd thing once in a writing manual. It was something about needing to let your characters be wrong once in a while. No need to worry about that on my part. I disagree with my characters all the time. My hands always still when I'm about to write a particularly off thought of theirs, but write it. Else writing Adam would have been impossible. There was also another section about not babysitting your characters. Apparently some people love their characters so much that they can't bear to see them hurt and will not write them hurt. Once again, I stared and shook my head because while I have much more fun and even prefer to write my guys all happy and smiling, for some reason the angst takes over my brain and I wind up with tears and trauma. Funny how the mind works.

We had the birthdays yesterday. My cousin, my dad, and me, plus my niece and nephew who tagged along in the picture, but they get theirs celebrated separately for some reason. Though I haven't heard anything about a party for Andres, whose birthday is this week. Not that anyone tells me anything. We have the worst communication problems in this family. I don't know how anything gets done. I'm afraid I made a bit of a fool of myself with the kids yesterday. I was in the midst of an attack of depression, so in no mental state to deal with children. I need to have full toleration mode for that. Or for the kid to be my niece Ortensia (guess why the "H" was removed from the front of her name). Her I get along with just fine. Okay, so she's older now, but she was never loud. No shrieky screaming. That helps a lot. And I've had intelligent conversations with her. When she was nine. She's great. I wish she and her mum didn't live so far away. Her mum (my cuz) is the one I have to talk to about this future career of mine that I have no idea how I'm going to do. I need to do that soon.
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2009-05-28 12:23 pm
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Fic update and movie question

The long promised (since before my trip to Mexico; wow) Steve/Sam fic is almost done and the first chapter will most likely appear tomorrow. The first draft of the convalescing Claude fic is also done. Finally. It would have been done sooner, but I had to throw out my original draft and start from scratch. It's not as lighthearted as the first one, unfortunately.

In other news, the research is going steady, though a tad slower than I'd like. I'm finally going to see one of my friends today (yay), though the poor guy has bronchitis, so we're just going to watch movies at his place.

Which would be better for a weekend movie outing with my dad? Terminator, Wolverine, or Night at the Museum? I have no idea. Any thoughts?
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2009-04-30 12:45 am
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Not working

Amount of studying done today: half a chapter on Venezuela
Amount of fic written: 1,500 words.

I feel both irresponsible and giddy at the same time. And I woudl continue writing, but my eyes need a break from the computer.

The only good thing about this flu thing? It finally has me reading the news. Though I don't like it. Don't the WHO people realize how panic inducing their phrasing is?
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2009-03-17 09:29 pm
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I feel so refreshed. I wrote something. And it didn't suck. Yay! I've been struck by a comatose muse lately and everything I write is swill, save for this little piece I wrote right now. I already knew about this solution, but I was trying so hard to stick with the epic that I didn't want to use it, but since I need to take a writing break from it to figure out what the hell the plot is, I figured I might as well. So I wrote something completely different, with entirely different characters, though the names "Peter" and "Claude" kept popping up anyway. It's inevitable. It's a shot something, so that should *glares at longwinded muse* be fine. Oh, [ profile] visiblemarket, it's that Steve/Sam (Second Coming Steve, not the other Steve) thing. I didn't think I'd get around to it.
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2009-03-17 01:21 am
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I don't want to write what I need to write

I'm two-thirds through a really depressing scene. I must finish this scene. But it's depressing! And I don't want to do depressing right now. My head is also this close from smashing against the keyboard because I am so sleepy. I've been yawning for hours now. Meanwhile I keep overanalyzing the latest Divide Social Club pictures trying to cling to some glimmer of hope that maybe Milo's hair isn't as dreadfully short as last time. But I'm probably fooling myself. Though I swear I see a partition in the second picture.

God, I need to sleep.
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2009-02-21 02:04 am
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I...won? Best Claude Chracterization? In the Slash Awards? I don't mean to sound like I'm bragging, really. I didn't expect to get this one. I just wanted to send a huge thank you to whoeever voted for my humble fic. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

I have the urge to write more first person Claude now.
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2009-01-17 06:05 pm
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I got three Plaude fics nominated for the Heroes Slash Awards! *runs around the room in an excited circle* Including Best Claude Characterization for Cold Night, which is the one I was so worried about. Thanks so much to whoever nominated me! You guys rock!

Full list:

Best Claude Characterization in A Fic : Cold Night
Best Claude/Peter Fic (G-PG13) : Slow Morning
Best Claude/Peter Fic (R-NC17) : The Futility of Denial
Best Adam(Kensei)/Hiro Fic (R-NC17) : Avatar
Best Adam(Kensei) Characterization in A Fic: Dust To Dust
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2009-01-16 05:55 pm

God, I need to get out more

I'm so tired of being in this little room.

On the other hand, I did something intelligent today. Well, first I did something stupid by leaving by myself after the class because Tim (who I always eat lunch with) had a meeting with the professor instead of outright asking him if he wanted to have lunch when he was done because even though it has become kinda routine, it still is a bit improvised (as in I hang around until he asks me what I'm up to). So after walking around in circles outside the building waiting for him to come out, I came back to the dorm (which is five minutes away) and forced myself to take out the phone and call him instead of just moping for the rest of the day cause I'm lonely. So we met up at a shopping center on my street, bought some food, and ate on one of the benches outside. So now my limbs are frozen because I wasn't moving around and the radiator in here is crap. But I really shouldn't complain about that when people are freezing at minus whatever temperatures back home (Illinois, not PR, which is lovely and wonderful and perfect and I want to go back).

Anyway, guess what? I came out about the slash thing. Seriously. I didn't mean to, but it happened. I've mentioned the writing thing to Tim a couple of times and oddly enough, he never asked what I wrote. No questions. That's the first time ever. It'd actually being bugging me, even though I'm extremely wary about saying I'm a writer because then people want to know what I write and then it gets awkward. But then today in the break I said that I spent the last two days compulsively writing and then we just kept going and he started asking, very gradually at first. If I write short stories or novels. If I let people read them. It wasn't until we were having lunch that he asked the direct question and I just kinda hesitantly said it. Gradually. And as I expected he was kinda like, "Oh" but not in a bad way and now I feel kinda odd and giggly about it. I mean... I don't know. I do have a couple of gen pieces if he's interested in looking at that. Now I really wish I'd made some proper headway into the original stuff, but since I'm not a big fan of original short stories, all I have is unfinished novels.

I'm still pretty sure he's not interested in me. Else how would he have forgotten about lunch? Although he didn't cut his hair as short as last time, probably because I insisted that I didn't like it too short. I've got it so bad. I don't even want to call it a crush because all my earlier crushes have been purely shallow 'he's cute', 'we have stuff in common' stuff and even that has been surprisingly rare. I've never thought about them every single day. Now I know what the main character of my original novel feels like.
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2009-01-14 07:54 pm
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La la!

It's been three days since I posted? Wow. That never happens anymore. Maybe it's because I'm not freaking out over anything right now. I should be. Everyone else is, but for some reason I find it intelligent to leave the dissertation proposal to the last minute. Speaking of, I need to e-mail my Aztec course professor. I already know the subject, I just need to refine the angle, though this is a preliminary thing, so whatever we hand in isn't set in stone as long as we don't decide to do something completely different.

I'm also most likely going to Mexico in April. Yay! I haven't been there in seven years, which is ridiculous. My professor (same as above) is organizing a trip to visit all the main Aztec sites that they've rediscovered, which I've never been to before. I'd also get to see some relatives I haven't seen in ten years.

Most of my free time lately has been taken up by watching House. I always do this when I discover a new series. I get hooked and can't stop watching until I'm caught up. Dam you House and Wilson for being so slashy. And Hugh Laurie for being so damn funny. I should have known he's a comedic actor. I was talking about this with Tim on Monday night and he said he doesn't watch House because he can't take him seriously after all the hilarious stuff he's done in Britain. I have to watch Black Adder.

Since I have a little extra time now, I'm forcing myself away from 24/7 House watching and working on some fic. I just finished writing something with a pairing I've never written before and never thought I'd write, though I've wanted to. I like to do that every once in a while. It refreshes the muse. Now I'm going to let it sit and work on some Sark/Adam for [ profile] midnightdream__ and continue the Plaude epic (finally, I have dialogue. Gorgeous, two people in the same room dialogue. I've missed that).

But first I must eat, because my stomach has turned into a bottomless pit lately.
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2008-12-21 01:38 am

Everyone's cold but me

Everywhere around me there's people wearing jackets and sweaters and swearing that there's a cold breeze, and that's when I feel that it might be just a bit too warm. The hell? You know, I used to be one of these people. I grew up here. 70 used to be freezing cold. Now it's wonderful.

Meanwhile, my neighbors are having a party at one in the morning. With Reggaeton. Which I don't listening to. While I'm writing angst. And I have to study later. Of course. It'd be easier to deal with if I didn't know that various neighbors are going to keep it up throughout the holidays.

I also just wrote Alternate Reality fic, something which I've never written before and hardly ever read. It's also really depressing. Apparently all the happy stuff I've been writing lately has left me off balance and I needed to write something heartbreaking before continuing with the Plaude sequels. Weird.

ETA: I wrote 1,850 word today. Cool. On the other hand, no studying. Crap.
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2008-12-04 12:53 am
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Let's see. I'm leaving here in one week and two days. I've looked through half of the sources I have here for one essay. I have nothing for the other one, not even a topic. And I have 40 pages left to read in an article for a course on Friday.

What have I spent the last three hours doing (between random bouts of eating)? Reading and writing fic. Read two chapters of a Jack/Norrington fic I love and wrote 1,900 words, the longest I've written in weeks. Oh yeah! I wrote two, two, fics, one light Plaude, (something which I've been wanting to write for ages but everything turns to angst in my hands), and Peter POV from the latest episode. I've done zero work since I got home (though I did take photocopies and read through books this morning early afternoon, which constitutes my morning).

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2008-10-08 10:50 pm
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So... I did it.

I wrote a continuation fic to that horrendously truncated teaser of an Adam scene we got in the last episode. I resisted it yesterday, but it's been eating at my brain and I knew it wouldn't leave me alone until I wrote it so I did. I suppose I'll be posting it tomorrow to get a second draft in at least, but I really needed to get it out of my system.

Meanwhile,, my hips feel a lot better, I badly want to take a nap but whenever I lie down I start hacking and coughing and I still haven't washed my clothe seven though I have only one clean sock left. Not even a pair. Just one, lonely sock. I'll be washing them tomorrow before I do anything else, because really. It'll be my first time washing clothes away from home. Weird. I think that's why I've been avoiding it.